15 Funky kitchen islands that will make you jump on the repurposing trend

These everyday household items and amazing thrift store finds repurposed as kitchen islands aren’t just functional, they’re eco-friendly… and best of all, completely unique.

1. Antique dresser-turned-kitchen island

Image: Heir And Space

With a little love and hard work, this forgotten turn-of-the-century dresser makes an absolutely gorgeous island that will transform your kitchen and transform the dresser into an heirloom your family will treasure.

2. Card catalog and table kitchen island

This surplus card catalog and table island helps this kitchen feel fun and spontaneous. File under C for cute and clever.

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3. Vintage factory-styled industrial cart table

Image: theSullivanWorkshop/Etsy

A handmade industrial cart turned kitchen island is sure to be the focal point of any family get-together. (Etsy, $3,500)

4. Repurposed piano breakfast bar/kitchen island

Image: ThePianoGalShop/Etsy

Too costly to repair, this 1976 Yamaha piano was converted into a breakfast bar and kitchen island for what may be the ultimate kitchen conversation piece. (Etsy, $1,900)

5. Steel double cabinet kitchen island

Image: IndustrialArtifact/Etsy

A pair of heavy-duty steel filing cabinets are married to a giant butcher block top for the last word in industrial kitchen islands. (Etsy, $1,700)

6. Vintage college desk repurposed to kitchen island

Image: villacomulada/Etsy

Homework takes on a whole new meaning when you’re working behind this vintage 1950s-era student desk that’s “distressed and faux finished to resembled [sic] past mistakes.” (Etsy, $495)

7. Factory cart kitchen island

Though this rustic kitchen island might evoke thoughts of farmhouses and easy country living, it’s actually a masterfully repurposed factory cart.

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8. Vintage dresser to kitchen island

Image: Nesting Gypsy

This neglected 1960s dresser was languishing in a thrift store until it was given new life as a stunning dream island. With a bit of luck, elbow grease and $30, you might be able to make the kitchen island of your dreams too.

9. Kitchen island made from reclaimed tin ceiling tiles

This unusual renovated kitchen island uses painted tin ceiling tiles that were reclaimed from a century-old local brewery.

10. Kitchen islands go industrial

Vintage cabinet doors were “picked” at a nearby recycling center and paired with a steel frame ordered from a catalog to achieve that stark, industrial look that’s quickly growing in popularity.

11. Salvaged shutters kitchen island

Image: RepeatOffenders/Etsy

Salvaged shutters are painted lamp black, distressed and attached to a sturdy pine frame with a bottom-shelf wine rack for a versatile and resourceful kitchen island. (Etsy, $325)

12. Hamilton printer’s imposing table

Image: BrooksvaleArtisans/Etsy

Until the dawn of the digital age, newspaper and periodical printers used mammoth imposing tables like these to go to press. Topped with a 500-pound slab of Vermont marble, this extremely rare and spectacular find will be the talk of any home. (Etsy, $5,300)

13. 1920s vintage repurposed kitchen island, “Eloise”

Image: OurVintageKitchenCo/Etsy

This charming repurposed kitchen island may have started life as a dresser in the 1920s, but with two large drawers and roomy cabinet space, “Eloise” gracefully transitions into a beautiful kitchen centerpiece with plenty of room for your pots, pans and other cooking necessities. (Etsy, $575)

14. Industrial apothecary-style kitchen island

Image: RedFeatherWorks/Etsy

This industrial wood shop professor’s personal work bench was salvaged from a school in Portland, Maine. An amazing find for anyone looking for an authentic one-of-a-kind piece for their kitchen, this 1930s butcher block workbench still has the original brass hardware. (Etsy, £1,752)

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15. Reclaimed door kitchen island/counter-height gathering table

Image: Lapalletcreations/Etsy

Top this reclaimed vintage door kitchen island and table with a piece of beveled glass for an eye-catching and creative place the whole family can enjoy. (Etsy, $599)