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10 Simple home repairs you can do yourself

When something breaks in your home, your first thought is usually something along the lines of, “Great. Wonder how much this is going to set me back.” But it doesn’t have to be that way. Thanks to YouTube and some friendly experts, you can do a lot of simple repairs yourself.

Just one quick note: Always follow all the safety tips from experts or those printed on the instructions for the equipment you buy to avoid injury.

1. How to fix a leaky faucet

Not all faucets are exactly the same, but they’re usually similar in principle. This is one of the more common faucets, but if you’re still nervous, you can try looking up something closer to your exact model.

2. How to replace a door lock set

Door lock sets that are broken or in disrepair make your home easier to break into. But no need to call a pro — it’s actually really easy.

3. How to rewire a light socket

Oh, the frustration! You change your lightbulb only to realize that the new light isn’t working either. Oftentimes, if the other electricity in your house is working, it’s your light socket that’s got a problem, and you don’t need to pay an electrician $500 to fix it.

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4. How to repair tile grout/caulking
If you can draw a straight line with a straight edge as a guide, you can fix your own bathroom tile grout. While the principle is the same, there are slightly different procedures and tools for floor tile grout, so make sure you’re making adjustments if that’s what you’re doing.

5. How to fix a leaky roof

If your roof starts leaking suddenly, chances are it’s a problem with your shingles and it needs to be fixed before it rots the wood underneath or causes a more serious leak issue that fixing the shingles won’t solve. Just remember the buddy system. You’ll need someone to hold the ladder for maximum safety.

6. How to fix a hole in your wall
This requires a little more “carpentry” than some of the others on the list, but it doesn’t require much accuracy believe it or not.

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7. How to replace a toilet supply valve

If your toilet is constantly running, you may need to replace the toilet supply valve (in the top tank). A plumber will charge you an arm and a leg to look at his butt crack for the 30 minutes it takes — or you can show off your butt crack and DIY.

8. How to spot-replace a piece of stained carpet

One little stain doesn’t mean you have to replace the carpet in the whole room. You can just patch it with undamaged carpet of the same type and it will be as good as new. Don’t have carpet scraps from the color you used? Use the same technique to pull a good piece from the closet or other inconspicuous spot (which itself can be replaced with any old carpet scrap you find) and use that to replace the stained area.

9. How to replace a thermostat

Especially if you have an older model, you can replace your thermostat with a new, programmable model and save a lot of money every year. You don’t have to have an HVAC certification to do it because you’re not dealing with any specialty parts. It couldn’t be more simple.

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10. How to fix a sagging gate

Remember when you were a kid and you used to shape pipe cleaners into little creatures? Turns out that was all preparing you for one thing: fixing a sagging gate. Yes, it’s that easy.

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