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15 Signs you were raised by a lawyer

Children who were raised by attorneys have a lot in common.

If one (or both) of your parents is known as “counselor” as well as Mom or Dad, then your childhood probably looked a little different from your peers’. The dinner table was the site of lively debates, and you never returned a field trip permission slip to school without it being covered with your parent’s revisions and addenda. While you might not think so, there’s a good chance your parent’s career in the courtroom rubbed off on you as an adult, even if you didn’t follow in their footsteps to law school. Here are 15 signs you were raised by a lawyer.

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1. Interviewing the potential new babysitter or meeting a first date always turns into a cross-examination.

2. You never, ever sign anything without reading it all the way through first.

3. If you disagree with something, instead of saying no, you shout,”Objection!”

4. You really think there should be a fine for people who are late to things.

5. You’ve been known to bang a meat tenderizer on the counter when the kids are getting too rowdy.

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6. When a friend is having trouble with a party vendor or customer service rep, you’re the one they turn to for help with drafting a strongly worded email.

7. You’ve successfully talked your way out of a speeding ticket.

8. Shoulder pads and power ties will always hold a special place in your heart.

9. No one wants to watch crime show dramas with you because you always point out the inaccuracies.

10. Whenever you’re at a party, you tell the story of how you successfully negotiated your way to having no curfew on prom night.

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11. All the notes in your lunchbox growing up were torn from a yellow legal pad.

12. You knew how to recite the Miranda rights before the Pledge of Allegiance.

13. You can’t go to a public event without noticing all the safety hazards that could lead to a potential lawsuit.

14. You’ve used the sentence, “Well, my mom/dad is a lawyer, so there!” in a failed attempt to win a playground fight.

15. Your birthday gifts during all four years of college included an LSAT prep book.

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