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Rapid Reads: 7 Big stories of the day

It’s the end of the week, but the news never stops. Luckily you’ve got us to break it all down for you. Here are the top stories everyone will be talking about today:

1. Kentucky Fried Contempt

Kim Davis, the Rowan County clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses because of her personal opposition to gay marriage, is in jail. Davis was ordered by Judge Bunning of the U.S. District Court to begin issuing licenses to all couples, or else. She defied his ruling on the basis that she had “authority from God” and was detained for contempt of court. This morning all Rowan County clerks are expected to begin issuing licenses again, except for Davis’ son, who also works in the county clerk’s office and has said he intends to follow his mother’s lead. Will he be arrested next? Stay tuned. — The New York Times

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2. Trump pledges his allegiance

Yesterday Donald Trump signed a pledge promising to not run as a third-party candidate if he doesn’t receive the GOP nomination. Interestingly, the document is not legally binding, so the signing was more “political theater” than anything else. Still, it’s a bold move by The Donald, who formerly said he intends to run independently if this whole Republican thing doesn’t work out. Signing the pledge helps Trump get more snuggly with the Republican base, but it could also spell trouble. If Trump is firmly in their camp, that means they also own the fallout for all of his ridiculous antics. — The Washington Post

3. Deflategate is over, sort of

Yesterday a judge ruled in favor of Tom Brady and overturned his suspension. This means Brady will play in the Patriots’ season opener next Thursday night. In case you need a refresher, Brady was handed a four-game suspension after it was revealed he was using partially deflated footballs to improve his accuracy. He claimed ignorance, but evidence suggested he knew what was going on. Brady appealed his suspension to a federal court, and the judge apparently agreed with him. The NFL has already appealed the appeal, and “this is the case that never ends, it just goes on and on my friends…” — ESPN

4. Stop the violence

Last night a gunman killed one person and wounded two others in a shooting at a Sacramento community college. The campus was on lockdown for almost four hours, but classes are expected to resume this morning even though the shooter hasn’t been caught. Police say the shooting began as an argument that escalated to a fistfight before someone pulled out a weapon and began shooting. The names of those killed and injured have not yet been released. — Reuters

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5. Hero status

Amandla Stenberg, a 16-year-old activist and star of The Hunger Games, is publishing a sweet new comic book for young girls of color. In July, Stenberg made headlines for attempting to educate Kylie Jenner on cultural appropriation and why it’s harmful. She’s also been outspoken on other issues regarding racial and gender equality. Her comic book is a response to the lack of black female representation in comics and will center on a young black warrior woman. It’s called NIOBE: She is life and is slated for release in November. Just in time for the holidays. — Complex

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6. Seriously amazing

Yesterday scientists revealed that they may have found a cure for stone man syndrome, a rare disease that causes muscle to turn to bone. The illness is caused by a defective gene that stimulates unnecessary bone growth, but a team led by geneticist Aris Economides found that it can be stopped using an antibody created by scientists that prevents those defective genes from being triggered into production. The theory has been tested only on mice so far, but the early experiments were a success, and that’s a promising breakthrough for the 800 confirmed cases of stone man syndrome around the globe. — The Huffington Post

7. #ForceFriday

Today Disney is unveiling its new merchandise for the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie. Products include new Hot Wheels vehicles, a brand-new version of the LEGO Millennium Falcon, a remote-controlled Astromech Droid from Hasbro and about a million other things we’re completely geeking out about. The official release happened at midnight, which means your favorite stores are already swarming with goodies. Take a long lunch today, and go get your nerd on. — Entertainment Weekly

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