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9 Handmade decorations to get your home in the fall spirit

Everyone’s favorite season is finally here.

OK, so some of us love fall and some people want to chuck their pumpkin spice lattes on the next person who posts another pumpkin muffin recipe, but for those of us who fall firmly in the #fallforever camp, I can’t help but dream up a few new ways to make my house festive for my favorite season.

1. Pumpkins & gourds

Pumpkins & Gourds
Image: Angtigues/Etsy

This sign from Angtiques pretty much sums up the reason for the season. (Angtiques/Etsy, $45)

2. This banner

This Banner
Image: One Tiny Heart/Etsy

Give thanks to creative people who make gorgeous Thanksgiving banners so I don’t have to. (OneTinyHeart/Etsy, $17)

3. One perfect pillow

One Perfect Pillow
Image: Janes2Daughters/Etsy

A throw pillow is my favorite way to do the lazy mom’s seasonal decorating. On a related note, serious question: Is there ever a point when one has too many pillows? Asking for a friend. (janes2daughters/Etsy, $10)

4. A genius reversible sign

 A Genius Reversible Sign
Image: White Aspen Studio/Etsy

I love the idea of going from fall to winter by just flipping over this sign. Because honestly, that’s how fast it will feel like the holidays are here anyways. (WhiteAspen Studio/Etsy, $23)

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5. Pumpkin on a pallet

Pumpkin on a Pallet
Image: AmbersWoodenBoutique/Etsy

Think of it as pumpkin spice for your walls. (AmbersWoodenBoutique/Etsy, $20)

6. Fall in a jar

Fall in a Jar
Image: MidnightOwlCandleCo/Etsy

I scoured the ends of the Internet (OK, not really, but still) to find these hand-painted Mason jars for a great price. (MidnightOwlCandleCo/Etsy, $17)

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7. Cupcakes need decor too

A Whole Batch of Cupcakes
Image: Top Cupcake/Etsy

So maybe edible cupcake toppers aren’t exactly decorations, but I can pretty much guarantee that they will instantly spruce up any home. Preferably mine so I can eat them. (TopCupcake/Etsy, $8)

8. A festive table runner

 A Festive Table Runner
Image: fourbugsinarug/Etsy

Do I ever host elaborate, home-cooked dinner parties? Nope. But a festive table runner never hurt anyone, you know what I’m saying? (fourbugsinarug/Etsy, $15)

9. Autumnal inspiration

Autumnal Inspiration
Image: Angtiques/Etsy

Fall and literary quotes? Two of my favorite things on one hand-painted distressed sign. (Angtiques/Etsy, $60)

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