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11 TARDIS-blue home decor ideas for hardcore Who fans

The ninth season of Doctor Who premieres on Sept.19, and what better way to usher the new episodes in than by giving your home decor a little Who makeover?

Shades of the TARDIS

Images: Houzz

The Doctor’s iconic time machine and spacecraft, the TARDIS, is an instantly-recognizable structure by fans of the series. What better way to show your Doctor Who fandom than by evoking that beautiful TARDIS blue throughout your home?

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Don’t forget the floor

Exploding Tardis rug
Image: Think Geek

This Doctor Who-inspired exploding TARDIS rug would look perfect in your home office, your bedroom or even in your main living area. (ThinkGeek, $50)

Store your things

Tardis storage shelves
Image: Etsy/Birdsmouth

What better way to store all your awesome stuff than a handmade, carefully constructed TARDIS shelving system? (Etsy, $1,800)

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Grace your space

Tardis poster
Image: Amazon

This TARDIS poster is perfect for any room in your house. (Amazon, $15)

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Get a TARDIS-themed bed

Tardis duvet set
Image: Amazon

Even though you don’t actually have a TARDIS for a bed, you can make it look like one with this amazing Whovian duvet set . (Amazon, $50)

Get timey wimey in your kitchen

Tardis decorative towels
Image: Amazon

These decorative kitchen towels will add just the right touch of time travel to your kitchen. (Amazon, $12)

Add some decorative artwork

TARDIS-inspired prints
Image: Etsy

This gorgeous and unique TARDIS-inspired print would look incredible in your home, no matter where you choose to hang it. (Etsy, $8)

Paint your door

A front door is an excellent way to share your Who fandom, because a painted blue door often just looks like a TARDIS in and of itself (whether you further decorate it to look like the ship is up to you). There are plenty of discussions about what the “official” TARDIS blue is, but we agree that any dark-ish blue would work, as long as you’re using the show and its products for direct inspiration. Remove hardware and lightly sand the surface, then wipe clean with a dry rag. A coat of primer, followed by a couple of coats of paint and your door will be ready for the season premiere.

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