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Rapid Reads: 7 Big stories of the day

The end of the week is in sight, but it’s not quite here yet. While you’re waiting, go ahead and catch up on the latest news. Here are the top stories everyone will be talking about today:

1. Crisis situation

The European Union is struggling to deal with an increasingly awful migrant and refugee crisis. Civil war, ISIS and a flat-lining economy have all led millions of Syrians to flee, with many of them meeting tragic ends. Last week 71 refugees were found dead in a truck at the Austrian border, and yesterday the Dogan News Agency released shocking images of bodies washed ashore on the beaches of a Turkish resort town. Many of the photos were of small children. The photos served as a wake up call that more must be done to help these migrants and refugees. European leaders have scheduled an emergency summit next week to hash out a plan. — Washington Post

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2. Another Trump tantrum

Retired basketball player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar penned an op-ed in the Washington Post criticizing Donald Trump and calling him “the biggest threat to the principles of the constitution right now.” Donald Trump responded exactly as one would expect, sharing a photo of Abdul-Jabbar’s essay with things like “no one likes you” and “you don’t have a clue” scrawled across it in black marker. The response perfectly illustrated the persistent bullying Abdul-Jabbar highlighted in his essay. That sort of take-no-prisoners attitude might have Trump in the headlines right now, but sooner or later people are going to tire of these antics. Something tells me it will be sooner. — Washington Post

3. Deal or no deal

Obama has officially secured enough support to pass a crucial deal with Iran that will prevent it from developing nuclear weapons. He’s tried to make the deal happen for months but has faced opposition from both parties. Congress is still expected to vote against the deal and pass a resolution to disapprove it, but Obama intends to veto the resolution. Yesterday, a Maryland senator became the 34th lawmaker to announce his support, meaning congress won’t have enough votes to override Obama’s veto. Under the plan, Iran will have fewer economic sanctions in exchange for new limits on its ability to conduct nuclear activities. Critics say it’s too soft, but those in favor think it’s crucial to prevent more war in the Middle East. — Los Angeles Times

4. Relief is in sight

A new patch approved to treat migraines is now available to consumers. Zecuity Migraine Patch was approved in 2013 but just made its way to the market this week. It’s worn on the arm or thigh and delivers a dose of sumatriptan, which has been used to treat migraines since the ’90s. The patch is also battery powered to cause vibrations that help move the medication through the skin. The patches are single-use, meaning they create a lot of waste, but they’re a crucial development for those whose migraines include severe nausea that prevents them from taking traditional pain killers. — Refinery29

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5. Are you ready for some football?

If you’re having severe football withdrawal, you’re in luck: the first full weekend of NCAA games starts today. You can catch Jim Harbaugh’s return to Michigan, watch TCU take on Minnesota, and keep the TV on to watch games all the way through Monday. The NCAA schedule has included games outside of the traditional Saturday and Sunday kick-offs for a few years now and there are plans to continue the trend this season. If that’s not enough pigskin for you, the NFL season opener takes place one week from today. — USA Today

6. This will be amazing

Former Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee is working on a new late-night show we can’t wait to watch. The show is called Full Frontal and will air on TBS beginning in late January. Many fans were disappointed when Bee wasn’t selected to take on hosting duties at the Daily Show following Jon Stewart’s departure. This new show is a chance to remedy that. It will also make her the only woman in late-night television, which gives us a serious case of “You Go Girl” syndrome. That’s a good thing. — Vulture

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7. Yes, we want to continue watching

Hulu is going commercial-free. In a move that will leave us all glued to our couches a little longer, the streaming service announced a new plan to remove ads in exchange for a teensy bit more money. Commercial-free service will cost about $12 per month, as opposed to their regular $8 fee. The change will help them better compete with other ad-free services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. — New York Times

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