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‘100 Years of lingerie’ video shows that confidence trumps all (WATCH)

Mode has released several videos over the past few months exploring everything from the best female fashion to the best beauty of the past 100 years.

Now, they’ve made a video that shows the best in lingerie since 1915, ranging from demure, cover-up cotton to flirty camisoles, tiny shorts, panties, knee-high stockings with garter belts… and a bit of everything in between, compressed into three short minutes.

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Spoiler alert: Women like to look beautiful in their bedroom gear.

We all know that, and the outfits throughout the years show that while the looks might get a little more daring, we’re not all that different now than the sexy ladies of the ’20s, ’30s and ’40s. Lingerie allows us to show off a side that the rest of the world doesn’t get to see. This, in turn, makes these intimate combos one of the most honest forms of fashion. Sure, we might all be forced to wear business suits to work, but what is worn underneath that is completely up to us, and that’s empowering.

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As for which is sexiest? That goes to 2015. The current style is better than anything before it because it’s all about embracing individuality. Before, men might’ve had more of a say in what their ladies wore underneath their clothes. Now, anything goes — and it’s all sexy in its own way. Want to wear a simple cotton bra and briefs? Sexy. Peek-a-boo satin jumpsuit. Sexy. Show off your natural curves? Sexy. The video does a fabulous job of showing that women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds are at their most beautiful when they’re embracing their preferences. That, in turn, shows confidence.

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And that confidence is sexier than any bra and panty set could ever be.

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