How to talk like a pirate: There’s so much more than ‘ahoy’

When it comes to silly holidays, Talk Like a Pirate Day is somewhere near the tippy top of the list. But at 20 years old (it was first celebrated by landlubbers and seafaring folk alike back on Sept. 19, 1995), it’s also one that’s got staying power.

Hey, who doesn’t want to have a little fun pretending they’re a kid again? But first you need to learn how to talk like a pirate.

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Whether you just want to post a silly status on social media or you’ve got a secret swashbuckling fantasy, here’s what you have to do to indulge your inner Johnny Depp on September 19:

1. Drop the “g”s at the end of words.

You should be endin’ your sentences, not ending your sentences.

2. Adopt an old-fashioned form of address

Rather than “you,” say “ye,” and replace “your” with “yer.” When referring to yourself, “me” should go in place of “my” or “I.”

3. Don’t say yes

Say “aye!” And if you want to be extra effusive in your agreement, an “aye aye” is just right. “Arr” is another way of expressing your affirmative.

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4. Refer to your friends as “matey”

5. Act drunk

Let’s face it, pirates (at least the kind copied on Talk Like a Pirate Day) were unsavory characters who were rather fond of their liquor. The more you slur, the better you sound. And if you’re actually drinking, ye best refer to your beer as grog, and call for your friends to “drink up, me hearties!”

6. Drag out your “r”s.

In every word, not just “arr.”

7. Replace “is” with “be”

As in, this be hard!

8. Drop old-fashioned compliments with reckless abandon

“I like the cut of your jib” be a good one to describe someone you admire.


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