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Cats after anesthesia just as funny as people after going under (VIDEO)

If you’re still trying to block out what you said the last time you were coming off anesthesia, this video might make you feel better. Watching two sweet kitties try to keep it together shows the sunnier side of what can happen when the anesthesia wears off.

Clocking in at just 48 seconds, this funny viral video captures what it looks like when cats come home from the vet after being put under for a procedure. The poor kitties just want a bite to eat (and who can blame them?), but they can barely see straight as they are slipping and sliding toward their food bowls.

As one clever commenter pointed out, this is what most of us look like when we’re getting ready for work on a Monday morning.

Watching these cats trying to make it across the room to their food bowls is enough to make anyone dizzy, but finally, finally, the kitties reach their destination and hang on for dear life. Hopefully, that afternoon snack helped these cute cats come down from what looked like a wicked case of the spins. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t been there before.

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