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Beagle proves oranges might be your dog’s new favorite toy (VIDEO)

Great news for dog owners who have sunk hundreds of dollars into dog toys that end up in a pile in the living room — sometimes all a dog needs for endless hours of entertainment is a simple piece of fruit.

If this viral video proves anything, it’s that a beagle with an orange is like a toddler with a beautifully wrapped present on Christmas morning: Nine times out of 10, that toddler is going to chuck his or her new toy and spend the day playing with an empty cardboard box instead. It’s an unwritten rule.

It only takes a minute for you to see exactly what I’m talking about. Maymo the beagle is having more fun with an ordinary orange than you ever thought possible.

After watching this video, one thing is clear. There’s another big similarity between sweet pups like Maymo and toddlers: They both have way too much fun playing with their food. The bouncing, the bounding, the hiding, the chasing — Maymo is having the time of his life with a tasty citrus fruit. Maybe we’ve finally found the equivalent of catnip for dogs.

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