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Rapid Reads: 7 Big stories of the day

It’s Wednesday but we’ll spare you the “hump day” jokes. Instead, have a sampling of today’s trending news. Here are the top stories everyone will be talking about:

1. Do your job, Davis

Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk who’s been refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, decided to double down on her bigotry yesterday. The supreme court ordered her to do her job and begin issuing licenses to everyone or face fines and contempt of court charges. She chose the latter, and now she’s headed back to court where U.S. District Judge David Bunning will decide whether or not to hold her in contempt (and if so, whether or not to fine her or send her to jail). Davis said gay marriage is a “heaven or hell” issue for her and she is acting “under the authority of God.” Too bad God doesn’t fund her paychecks. She’s an elected official and it’s her job to uphold the laws of the land. This little tantrum she’s throwing is not going to end well. — Washington Post

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2. Ignorance is contagious

A new survey by Public Policy Polling shows more than half of Republican voters still think President Obama is a Muslim and is lying about his faith. Fifty-four percent of Republican primary voters expressed this belief, while another 32 percent said they aren’t sure. Obama has spoken openly about his Christian beliefs, but that hasn’t stopped people from hurling offensive accusations about his faith and about Muslims in general. Most of us would probably like to live in a world where the president’s faith doesn’t matter at all, so long as they do the job well. Unfortunately these poll results make that world look like a very far off place. — Mashable

3. Another tragic shooting

A manhunt is underway in Chicago after an Illinois police officer was gunned down. Lt. Joe Gliniewicz was killed just before 8 a.m. yesterday morning and his colleagues have been on the hunt for the three suspects ever since. Several schools were put on lockdown and people were ordered to stay in their homes. Several schools will remain closed today as the search continues. Gliniewicz was a 30-year veteran on the force and leaves behind a wife and four children. Senseless violence seems like a daily occurrence these days and it’s heartbreaking to watch so many families lose their loved ones. — CNN

4. Baltimore braces for tension

Protests are expected in Baltimore today as the first hearing in the death of Freddie Gray gets underway. Gray was critically injured in the back of a prison transport van in April, and six officers were charged in his death. The strange circumstances surrounding Gray’s death left the public with unanswered questions and sparked daily protests calling for a criminal investigation. It was one of a series of disturbing examples of alleged police brutality. Today’s hearing will determine how the case should move forward and whether the trial will need to take place at a different location. — USA Today

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5. Extreme makeover

Google introduced a new sans serif logo yesterday. The change is meant to reflect the company’s versatility as it begins its new life as a subsidiary of Alphabet. In a blog post announcing the change, a company representative wrote, “As you’ll see, we’ve taken the Google logo and branding, which were originally built for a single desktop browser, and updated them for a world of seamless computing across an endless number of devices.” Aww. Our little Google is growing up. — NBC News

6. Spongebob puts on his dancing shoes

Nickelodeon announced everyone’s favorite sea sponge is getting his own musical. Spongebob Squarepants: The Musical is slated for a 2016 release and will feature original tunes from some surprising sources. David Bowie and Cyndi Lauper will pen the music, along with Steven Tyler, John Legend, The Flaming Lips, TI, Lady Antebellum and a whole bunch of other names you know. Director Tina Landua also said the actors won’t be wearing prosthetics, but will instead attend circus-style workshops to “explore how the human body can transform itself into cartoon-like characters. The only way this could possibly get better is if they serve the audience Krabby Patties. — The Guardian

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7. This should be good

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump will be a guest on The Tonight Show on Sept. 11. The announcement comes after Jimmy Fallon’s newest competitor, Stephen Colbert, announced a series of presidential candidates as guests during his first few weeks as host of The Late Show. Fallon seems like just the funnyman to help Trump reach his full, ridiculous potential. If Fallon can get Trump to lip sync something it will probably solve all of America’s problems. Don’t quote me on that, but do set your DVR. — Entertainment Weekly

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