New app may be the answer to all of your holiday selfie problems

Sep 2, 2015 at 3:30 p.m. ET

Travelling solo makes it tricky to take pictures of yourself surrounded by gorgeous scenery, but at last there's a solution to that problem.

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Yes, there's the dreaded selfie stick, but carrying that around can be terribly annoying (for yourself and others). Perhaps that was the thinking behind Tourism Australia's brilliant new venture: a new app called Giga Selfie, which is going to be the selfie-lover's new best friend.

So, what exactly does this app do?

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It lets you take a picture that not only captures your face in the foreground, but also the stunning surroundings. All tourists have to do is stand on a designated "Giga Selfie" platform and then use the app on their smartphone to trigger a distant camera, which will capture them and their background. A link is then sent to the tourist via email, which they can then share on social media.

The inspiration for the app comes from Japanese tourists, Australia's sixth largest group of tourists. According to Tourism Australia, Japanese tourists make up a large portion of those visiting the country, with 326,500 visitors from Japan in 2014, generating $1.4 billion in spending in 2014 alone.

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Giga will be released as part of the "There's Nothing Like Australia" campaign, which Tourism Australia managing director John O'Sullivan explained was to renew enthusiasm among Japanese travellers.

"The 'Giga Selfie' campaign will help to raise the level of conversation about Australia in Japan as people share their incredible experiences of holidaying here with their friends and family back home, and in turn helping to encourage more Japanese travellers to follow in their footsteps," O'Sullivan said in a press release.

Watch the video below to see just how the "world's biggest selfie service" works.