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13 Things your dog is thinking when you come home from vacation

With summer winding down, pet parents from coast to coast are hustling to plan their end-of-summer vacations. Sometimes we can bring our dogs along for the ride — hooray! But other times, we’ve gotta find a great pet sitter and hit the road sans furry friends. For those occasions, we’ve compiled this list exploring what your dogs are thinking when you finally come home again. They leap in the air, lick your face and sniff you from head to toe. But what’s really going through their minds when you first walk in the door? Let’s find out.

1. My human is here, do I look OK?

Image: gifsboom

2. You’re home, you’re home, you’re home!

Image: Giphy

3. Wait a minute… Whose scent are you wearing? Have you been seeing other dogs?!

Image: gifsoup

4. Nah, it’s all good, I’m all about that face

Image: Tumblr

5. Where’d you go? Who’d you talk to? How many butts did you sniff?

Image: Tumblr

6. While you were gone, I learned some new tricks

Image: InvisibleBread

7. Watch what I can do!

Image: Tumblr

8. I made some new friends, too

Image: gifsboom

9. Plus, I left you a little surprise… (Spoiler alert: It’s a turd… I love you)

Image: Tumblr

10. JK, it’s all good, all is forgiven

Image: Reddit

11. Never. Leave. Again.

Image: Vine

12. You know I’m head over heels in love with you

Image: Tumblr

13. But next time, bring me along?

Image: gifsboom

Nothing compares to puppy love. Even after a long time away, our dogs are always happy to welcome us home. Enjoy your summer travels!

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