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7 Clutter-busting ideas for when you have small kids

I know what you’re thinking — is it even possible to have a clutter-free home when you have kids? Well, my friends, the short answer here is no.

Ha-ha, just joking! Surely the level of Zen-like serenity that comes from knowing your house is devoid of clutter is entirely possible. (Right? Right?) But for most of us — and clearly me — trying to keep my house clutter free with two tiny wrecking balls living inside of it feels, well, futile. Much like this:

Here’s the truth, though. No one expects your home to be completely clutter free. You have kids, and we all know kids make stuff multiply exponentially. It’s some weird, as of yet unnamed law of nature.

So until you’ve mastered the art of minimalism with children and/or your kids graduate and move away, these super-easy organization tips will at least help to hide the clutter in your home. Hooray!

1. Embrace bins, boxes and other “B”-lettered things with lids


Image: ReMarkableHome

Baskets would work here too. Even without lids, it’s amazing how much more put together a home will look if clutter is simply corralled into cute storage containers. I love ReMarkable Home’s stair buckets as well as IHeart Organizing’s playroom toy basket system. Storage receptacles that don’t start with “B” work just as well. Like, for instance, a toy chest! The idea is that there is a place for everything, and everything has its place.

2. “Hide” stuff in plain sight

Image: Suburble

This may sound counterintuitive, I know. But the truth is, some things just aren’t practical squirreled away somewhere. This is particularly true of frequently used items like school and art supplies. Take a cue from Tara at Suburble, and simply make clutter look, well, uncluttered by organizing the heck out of it — in her case, with a handy Ikea cart hack.

3. Whip up some curtains

Image: Simply Seleta

In the most literal sense, curtains help you hide your clutter. The good news is that these days there are plenty of adorable options with which to do so. Need something weatherproof for your garage? Grab a cute shower curtain from your local home goods store. Want to hide the random collection of stuff that accrues in your living room? An affordable window curtain will do the trick.

4. Get artsy

Image: Dans le Lakehouse

For something that looks like a million bucks, this clutter buster couldn’t be easier. Brilliantly, Tanya over at Dans le Lakehouse realized that with only a handful of supplies and a couple of square canvases, she could conceal bookshelves filled with unsightly odds and ends in a matter of mere moments. Follow her tutorial here — seriously, it’s a game changer.

5. Don’t forget about the practicality of cabinets

Image: Remodelaholic

This one’s kind of a no-brainer, because it’s basically like shoving stuff into a tiny closet. Much like we do with regular-size closets. The key is in making sure you maintain some modicum of order, or else you really will wind up like one of those comical characters in movies — you’ll open a door one day and experience an avalanche of clutter.

6. Think like your kids’ teachers

Image: Teaching Superpower

Just think about it — teachers have mastered the art of keeping things clutter free because they have to! Can you imagine the total chaos that could ensue if there wasn’t a system in place? One of the easiest ideas employed in most elementary school classrooms is personalized drawers. Whether plastic, wooden, rolling or otherwise, drawers are a fantastic option for stashing stuff on the go.

7. Work with what you already have

Image: Little House of Four

If creating a clutter-fighting system from scratch seems overwhelming to you, think smaller. And more centrally. Think of what you’ve already got lying around the house! Little House of Four turned a vintage suitcase into a craft hub. Just imagine the possibilities — you can upcycle nearly anything into a functional and decorative storage receptacle. Don’t believe me? Just ask Pinterest.

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