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Rapid Reads: 6 Big stories of the day

Didn’t have time to catch the news this morning? That’s OK because we’ve got you covered. Here’s a quick look at the top stories everyone will be talking about today:

1. Hillary Clinton loves Leslie Knope

A batch of Hillary Clinton’s emails were released yesterday. You might recall she’s been in some hot water recently over the fact that she used a private server for emails while serving as secretary of state. The emails had a lot of redactions — phone numbers, addresses and other information that was retroactively classified — but they also included things like her asking someone to buy skim milk for her tea and a message with “gefilte fish” in the subject line that read, “Where are we on this?” Oh, also she watches Parks And Recreation and The Good Wife. Clinton critics were expecting to find a lot of Benghazi talk and possibly some super-secret government conspiracies but so far the emails have just made us want to be friends with her. — CNN

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2. Saying goodbye

Today is the funeral for Adam Ward, the 27-year-old cameraman slain in last week’s shootings in Virginia. Yesterday, a visitation and memorial for Ward drew over 1,000 attendees. He was engaged to morning show producer Melissa Ott and was planning to move with her to Charlotte, North Carolina, when he was gunned down on live television, along with anchor Alison Parker. Since the shooting, Parker’s family has vowed to do everything they can to fight for gun control in the U.S. The tragic loss of these two young lives has been difficult for all of us to weather and our thoughts are with their loved ones as they say goodbye to Adam today. — USA Today

3. Secret Service agents in the wild

President Obama is scheduled to appear on Bear Grylls’ survival show Running Wild. The show follows British adventurer and survival expert Bear Grylls as he takes celebrities on treks through rugged mountains and treacherous forests and teaches them how to survive in the wilderness. NBC announced Obama’s appearance the same day he traveled to Alaska and said he and Grylls will “meet to observe the effects of climate change on the area.” Obama will be the first president to ever appear on the show. We really, really hope he wears his dad jeans. — Reuters

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4. Victory!

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled against the Kentucky county clerk who’s been refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Kim Davis stopped issuing marriage licenses following the Supreme Court’s landmark decision to allow gay couples to wed. Two gay couples and two straight couples then sued her, arguing that she has an obligation to fulfill her duties as an elected official despite her personal beliefs. Now she either has to issue the licenses or face fines and possible jail time for contempt of court. She’ll report to work this morning to a line of couples who want to get hitched. We hope she does the right thing and acknowledges their equal rights. — LGBTQ Nation

5. How is this still a thing?

If you’re sick and tired of hearing about Deflategate, well, you’re not in luck. Yesterday Tom Brady and the NFL failed to reach a settlement, meaning a judge will have to step in and make an official ruling sometime this week. In case you need a refresher: Tom Brady was accused of intentionally deflating footballs to make them easier to handle. He denied it but the NFL handed him a four-game suspension, which he is now in the process of appealing. The judge is expected to hand down a ruling today or tomorrow and then we’ll all know whether or not Brady will start in the season opener on Sept. 10. Hopefully after that we won’t be hearing anymore about Brady’s balls. — ESPN

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6. It’s fall (sort of)

Today is the first day of “meteorological” fall. Astronomical fall — when we have the autumnal equinox and the weather actually starts changing — is still about three weeks away, but meteorological fall is defined by meteorologists as the months of September, October and November. Today is Sept. 1, so we’ve got autumn on a technicality. Still, I wouldn’t recommend busting out the sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes just yet. It’s still just slightly above boiling outside and we don’t want you to get heat stroke and miss the actual fall weather that should be headed our way in a few weeks. — USA Today

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