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7-Year-old beauty queen is living proof that dreams do come true

Lily Putman’s story may inspire you to chase your dreams, no matter what your circumstances.

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On Putman’s Facebook page, she is described as a public figure who has “overcome many obstacles, but she will still achieve her dreams of being a model and not letting society define anyone with a disability.”

Putman, from Southwick, Sussex, made headlines last week when she achieved her dream of becoming a beauty queen despite having been born with spina bifida, Daily Mail reports. Spina bifida is a defect of the spine that occurs when the vertebrae don’t form properly around the spinal cord. There are varying degrees of spina bifida, ranging from mild to severe, but in Putman’s case, she is wheelchair-bound.

However, despite this, Lily ended up winning the pageant, beating out 30 other contestants, and her Facebook page is filled with heartwarming pictures from the competition:

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Putman’s outfit for the pageant suggests she’s a big fan of the Disney film Frozen, and her love for the 2013 hit film is confirmed by her Facebook page’s personal interest section, which, in addition to Frozen, lists her interests as “Music, Modeling, make up, hair” and “acting, singing.”

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Putman’s ambition is a reminder of why it’s so important to follow your dreams, so if you’re looking for inspiration, you certainly don’t have to look past this story.

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