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The Feminists vs. Photoshop video left me disappointed — here’s why (WATCH)

The “Feminists vs. Photoshop” video by American online retailer has been doing the rounds this week. Billing itself as “the F-bomb-dropping sister to those popular Dove commercials,” it promised to show that “real women are beautiful in all colors (sic), shapes, sizes and ages.”

Before I even watched it I was sold. Real women? Anti-photoshopping? F-bomb-dropping? What’s not to like?

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And the video is good. It’s edgy. It’s sassy. It does, indeed, feature women who are “beautiful in all colors (sic), shapes, sizes and ages.” Watch it:

Video credit: FCKH8/YouTube

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But I have a problem with “Feminists vs. Photoshop.” Not actually with the video itself but with the disparity between it and the company’s website.

Here’s the thing. Every single model on is of a certain type. Basically a stereotypical model. Tall, beautiful figure, beautiful skin, beautiful glossy hair… you get the picture. I have no idea whether the images are photoshopped or not but I wouldn’t be surprised if they are. They look pretty flawless to me.

Which surely is the complete opposite of the message the company is trying to convey with its video? It’s all very well gathering together some “real” women in a studio and inviting them to take their tops off in the name of feminism. But using those very women on your site to promote your product — now that would be making a real statement.

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If only they featured the feminists in their video on their website we’d hear that “activist heart” beating so much louder.

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