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Rapid Reads: 6 Big stories of the day

Didn’t catch the morning news? That’s OK because we’ve got the CliffsNotes version for you. Here are the top stories everyone will be talking about today:

1. Here we go again

President Obama made yet another call for common sense gun laws after two Virginia journalists were brutally murdered on live television yesterday. In an interview at the White House, he called the killings heartbreaking and pointed out that the risk of death through gun violence in the U.S. is exponentially higher than the threat of terrorism, yet we refuse to make simple changes to combat the problem. In a statement earlier in the day, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said congress’ refusal to act on gun legislation has been a source of “significant frustration” for Obama. It’s safe to say many Americans feel the same way. — USA Today

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2. Well, that’s something

Oddly enough, it was also announced yesterday that Walmart will end sales of AR-15s and other modern sporting rifles, though representatives say the move is not politically motivated. Instead, the retailer says the change is a result of poor sales. Gun manufacturers have seen declining sales all around recently. Remington Outdoor Group saw profits fall 13 percent in the first half of the year, while Smith & Wesson’s overall sales saw a 12 percent drop. Before you get too excited, analysts say this profit drop off is normal. Sales spike when gun enthusiasts are worried about stricter gun laws and then decline as their concerns pass. — Forbes

3. Sad face

One of the National Zoo’s brand new panda cubs died yesterday. The world has been watching with bated breath to see if the babies survive, as panda cubs have a high risk of death in their first few days. Luckily, the remaining cub appears to be strong and healthy and caretakers are optimistic it will get through this vulnerable early stage. Come on, little panda! The whole world is cheering for you. — ABC News

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4. Cruisin’ for a boozin’

Amazon announced this week that it’s going to begin delivering alcohol to customers using the Prime Now speedy delivery service. The deliveries will include all wine, beer and spirits and are promised to arrive to customers within two hours of order placement. Currently about 40 million people use Prime Now, though it’s only available in select cities. If you’re lucky enough to live in one of those cities — which include large metropolitan areas like New York City, Indianapolis and Seattle — you can now buy wine without even having to put on pants. Aren’t you lucky? — New York Post

5. Senseless

A Louisiana police officer was shot and killed this week while responding to a call of a man stabbing women. One of the stabbing victims was also killed in the altercation. The suspect fled and barricaded himself in an office building, but he surrendered after police bombed the building with tear gas and broke down the door. The incident is just the latest indicator of the increasing danger police face on the job. Our hearts go out to the victims’ loved ones. — CNN

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6. Happy anniversary

The Guinness World Records book celebrates its 60th anniversary today. The book’s first edition was published in 1955, and since then it has sold over 134 million copies in 100 countries. The book has evolved over time to include records set by everything from television shows to video games to selfies — in 2014, Ellen Degeneres posted a photo from the Academy Awards that quickly became the most shared selfie of all time. I bet the Guinness Book of World Records holds the record for oldest book of world records. How meta. — USA Today

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