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Hair stylist creates heart-shaped bun that’s easier than you think (WATCH)

Recently a friend took one look at my half-hearted attempt at a fishtail braid and just shook her head.

Is it my fault that all of the tutorials I’ve found on Pinterest are woefully inadequate? No, but now I have no excuse for a subpar braid, thanks to a celebrity stylist responsible for glam looks on stars like Lea Michele, Mariah Carey and more.

Michael Dueñas just launched a YouTube series where each week he’ll break down some gorgeous — yet difficult to master on your own — styles.

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First up? This heart-shaped fishtail bun, a look he first created for actress Erin Richards.

As for where he gets his inspiration for his styles, Dueñas told that he “draw[s] my inspiration from other hair around me. When someone passes me, I can see the beauty of another style/cut in their hair. It gets me excited!”

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We’re excited too. Bring on a fall full of beautiful hair!

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