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Rapid Reads: 7 Big stories of the day

Hit the snooze button one too many times this morning? Don’t worry, we’ve got all the news you missed. Here are the top stories everyone will be talking about today:

1. Oh look, more campus sexual harassment

Old Dominion University’s Sigma Nu fraternity has been suspended for hanging offensive banners “welcoming” freshman women to the campus. The signs were draped over the balconies of an off-campus frat house and said things like “Freshman daughter drop off,” “Go ahead and drop off mom too” and “Rowdy and fun, hope your baby girl is ready for a good time.” The executive director of Sigma Nu’s national headquarters suspended the Old Dominion chapter, pending an investigation. The university’s president also spoke out, applauding the suspension and reiterating that those types of messages are totally unacceptable. — NBC News

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2. Sibling rivalry

North and South Korea have come to an agreement to prevent further confrontation. The countries have seen tensions escalate in recent weeks after South Korea accused the North of planting landmines that injured their soldiers. South Korea decided the best way to get back at North Korea was to blast propaganda and K-pop through loud speakers over the border. Leaders from both countries sat down and talked it out. North Korea took responsibility for their actions and South Korea agreed to turn off the music, then they exchanged “best friend” bracelets and skipped off to get an ice cream cone. Just kidding about that last part. — CNN

3. Too bad we all have to work

The U.S. National Parks Service turns a whopping 99 years old today, and they’re celebrating their birthday by offering free admission to every national park in the country. The move is just the latest in a huge effort to get more people to visit parks. Earlier this year, the National Parks Service, along with Michelle Obama and Laura Bush, also launched an initiative called “Every Kid in a Park” that offers free park passes to fourth graders and their families. National parks are an important part of the American landscape and our shared history, and if we could all skip our meetings and head to the Grand Canyon, I’m sure we would. — USA Today

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4. Turns out diamonds aren’t forever

De Beers — the world’s biggest diamond producer — has lowered their prices by as much as nine percent due to slumping sales. The company first tried to decrease production, hoping it would create more demand, but that plan turned out to be a big flop. Now they’ve yanked out the clearance tags and are slashing prices on $250 million worth of shiny objects. Go get yourself some discount bling. — Bloomberg

5. 20 Seasons of love

Beloved musical Rent is returning to New York for its 20th anniversary, though many have noted with disappointment that it isn’t returning to Broadway. Instead, the production will take place during one weekend at Long Island City’s Secret Theater. Rent is a rock musical about a group of friends in New York City during the AIDS crisis. It originally opened in January 1996 and closed in 2008, after a 12-year run and a full-length feature film. — Playbill

6. Your friend’s terrible Instagrams might be Apple’s fault

Apple announced that it’s offering free replacements for the camera lenses in some iPhone 6 Plus devices after customer complaints about blurry photos. The phones included in the replacement sold sometime between September 2014 and January 2016. Apple declined to say how many people were affected by the problem, but they did set up a page on the Apple website where you can go to check if your phone is one of the problem children. — Washington Post

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7. Zoinks! Call in the Scooby Doo gang

People in Gastonia, North Carolina, are freaking out about photos of a person in a hooded cloak dropping raw meat on a playground. The person’s gender and identity are unknown, but they were supposedly photographed outside the Hudson Woods apartment complex in Gastonia. Police have yet to confirm any of the details, but that hasn’t stopped the photos from going viral on the Internet. I’m sure it’s all just a misunderstanding. Either that, or evil sorcerers are coming for our souls. No big deal. — Fox Carolina

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