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YO! Home is the ultimate in space-saving living

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to housing. The YO! Home looks incredible and uses modern technology to make a 40 square feet apartment feel luxurious and spacious.

YO! Sushi founder Simon Woodroffe introduced his space-saving conveyor belt sushi bar to the U.K. in 1997 and now he’s applying the same concept to British homes. No, not the conveyor belt — although that would be pretty cool. His “ultimate space-saving apartment” houses a bed, kitchen, lounge, dining area and bathroom in a one-bedroom studio flat.

It sounds cramped but the YO! Home is nothing like the crumbly old studio flats so many of us suffered during our student days. Essentially it completely reinvents the typical city centre apartment.

“By economising space, without sacrificing quality and style, YO! Home is set to offer a high-end real estate experience at an affordable price,” declares the YO! Home website. “In the future, people will look back and question why we used to be so wasteful with property space!”

Yo! home

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The YO! Home will maximise space with hidden storage, hatches in the floor and concealed furniture. The dining table seats four people and appears from a hatch in the floor, with cushioned mats to sit on and the hole left behind cleverly providing legroom.

By opening the sliding doors, a fully-functioning kitchenette emerges from inside the concealed storage space within the walls.

We reckon the U-shaped sofa would comfortably seat eight people and when the bed, dining table and kitchenette are closed away, there’s plenty of floor space to accommodate even more guests.

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Yo! home

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The sleek, modern bathroom comes complete with a bath, sink and toilet. The entire flat makes use of underfloor storage, meaning all clutter can be kept neatly out of sight. Large wardrobes have space for a washing machine and other utilities.

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Yo! home

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The surprisingly spacious king-size bed lowers from a hatch in the ceiling at the touch of a button, sitting on top of the sofa to turn the living room into a bedroom.

At the moment the apartment is only a prototype, with the first homes earmarked for Manchester and planning due to take place next month. It’s expected that the first phase of flats will be available to move into in summer 2016, at a price of around £150,000. Later the concept will be rolled out to cities all over the U.K. and the rest of the world.

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