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9 Inexpensive dorm decor items you’ll want to steal for your own home

College students are usually pretty poor, so most “dorm decor” is priced cheap. Why not take advantage of these steals for yourself… each costs less than $25.

1. Funky photo display



Your college kid will treasure the Hangit photo display to remind him of friends and family back home. Likewise, you can keep your child ever-present with your own clothespinned exhibit at home. ( $20)

2. Wall mounted storage



Just one green plant can markedly improve the air quality of a stale dorm room, and it can do the same for your home. Perch by Urbio is a modern-looking vessel that can be mounted to the wall and used for anything from a living plant to pencils and pens. Make the most out of unused wall space by mounting your Perch with adhesive strips or screws. Easy-peasy! (, $8 and up)

3. Whimsical wall art



Steal your college kid’s favorite piece of art. Doctor-turned-artist Don Stewart, a visual humorist who creates economical, mind-bending prints that “stimulate the intellect, tickle the funny bone and cover barren wall space simultaneously,” has created a fabulous assortment of subjects, including owls, Volkswagen Beetles and a periodic table of elephants. Here’s a shoe horns print in honor of your favorite musical fashionista! (, $20)

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4. Fancied up basics



Planning to do your kid’s laundry? The Crunch Round Bin is a pretty hamper that makes transport to and from campus really easy. Pick up a few for around the house, too, to store stuff like newspapers, shoes and toys. And when you’re not using it, just “crunch” it up — it’ll flatten to take up virtually no space at all! (, $20)

5. Chic calendars



The colorful dry-erase tools that keep your college student on task can serve the same purpose within your own home. Repositionable and removable WallPops are a chic way to keep track of your comings and goings for up to four months at a time. The “Jack” dry-erase calendar sheets stick to just about any smooth surface and are among thousands of trendy options to choose from. (, $21)

6. Patterned storage boxes



Patterned storage boxes provide an attractive way to hide things in plain sight. In a dorm, your student might store makeup, flash drives or hair accessories. At home, you can use the boxes to corral remotes, chargers and other items that so quickly turn into clutter. (, $9 to $16)

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7. Colorful table lamps


Image: Bed, Bath & Beyond

Installing creative lighting displays in dorm rooms is almost like a competitive sport! Trendy little lamps like the Camryn Table Lamp are super-popular among dorm dwellers, and we can see why! Add a touch of light to any small space in your home with one of these inexpensive little gems. (, $20)

8. Bright essentials


Image: The Container Store

Dorm solutions are designed to make the most of small spaces, which is precisely why they can work so well for the tight spots in your home. Need a tiny wastebasket for your powder room, nursery or home office? The colorful Brite Swing Lid Can is so cute and affordable that you’ll want one in every shade. (, $13)

9. Quirky tech solutions



Dorm rooms are notorious for their lack of electrical outlets and, in today’s world, most of our homes run short, too. The Quirky Pivot Power Strip offers a simple, appealing solution for your family room, kitchen or home office — and it comes in a bunch of fun colors to boot! Wrap one around the leg of your desk or sofa for six additional outlets! (, $25)

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