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Incredible ‘sky pool’ will be suspended 10 storeys high in London

The most exhilarating — or terrifying, depending on your take on crazy, show-stopping, completely transparent floating pools — swim in the world is being hailed a “world first.”

It’s a 90-foot long “sky pool” that will form a “bridge” between two apartment blocks in the 2,000-home Embassy Gardens complex at Nine Elms, London’s new riverside district.

And it’s definitely not for the faint of heart — or anyone with even the slightest fear of heights.

The glass-encased outdoor pool, which is 19 feet wide and nearly 10 feet deep with a water depth of around 4 feet, is the brainchild of Sean Mulryan, chairman and founder of the Ballymore Group, reported

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Encased in 8-inch thick glass, the “sky pool” appears to float in the air and looks more like an enormous aquarium than a swimming pool. It provides stunning views of the Palace of Westminster and the London Eye and will be next to a linked sky deck at the top of the two buildings, with a summer bar, sun loungers, spa and orangery.

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As news spread of the sky pool on Facebook, the general consensus appeared to be that it was an amazing concept but most people wouldn’t be brave enough to dive in — literally.

“So cool but I’d be way too nervous to swim in it,” posted one user.

Another comment read: “Oh, HELL no! I couldn’t walk on the 10′ thick glass block in the floor of the CN Tower in Toronto. Sure as hell know I’m not swimming here either.”

Others wondered about the possibility of skinny dipping, while one man joked: “I’d be too scared to pee! And that’s the main reason why I get in the pool.”

Whether you’d have the guts to take a dip in the sky pool, or not, it’s not an option for most people. It will only be open to Embassy Garden residents and you’ll need £1 million plus to move in.

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