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Sam of Christian vlogging couple Sam & Nia is an Ashley Madison user

Alright, show of hands: Who thought there was something fishy about the wholesome charm of Sam and Nia, the Christian vloggers who achieved mega viral status with back-to-back videos of a “pregnancy surprise” and then a “miscarriage confession” in early August?

If you’re waving your hand up high, then this won’t surprise you in the slightest: It turns out Sam Rader was one of 60 million folks to have their Ashley Madison cheating accounts exposed by hackers this week. Rader’s account was apparently uncovered by a Twitter user who used his street & IP addresses to uncover the account.

Now, if anyone was able to summon a modicum of sympathy for any of the Ashley Madison users outed this week, it may have been for the sad sacks who didn’t realize that nothing on the Internet is guaranteed to stay private.

But let’s face it: Sam Rader has spent the past several years trying to become Internet famous. He knows what happens on the Internet stays on the Internet.

And if the allegations that he has an account are true, well… he of all people should have known better.

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Now, if you’re one of the folks who bought the family’s “perfect” image hook, line and sinker, don’t feel too bad.

You’re not alone. The couple describes themselves on YouTube as “a small family of four pointing to a big God and vlogging it all… daily,” and they’ve garnered more than 360,000 followers on their channel — with more than 69 million views.

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But the Ashley Madison account, opened in September 2013 and linked to a domain called that Sam Rader purchased in 2011, is hardly the first chink in the family’s squeaky clean armor. Earlier this summer, the couple uploaded a video to their channel in which their daughter, Symphony, says gays should be allowed to marry “if they want to,” only to have dad force her to change her mind. It’s been yanked from their YouTube channel, but again nothing ever truly disappears from the Internet, does it?

Industrious Internet users were able to resurface it… and use it to petition NatureBox to yank its sponsorship of Sam and Nia.

Of course, earlier this week, Sam was busy telling People that their troubles aren’t their own, that the Internet is just full of meanies who can’t handle the couple’s Christian faith, saying, “I think as long as you’re a Christian in this world and a God believer, you’re going to get hatred and persecuted and that’s just what you expect when you’re living the life of God.”

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But seeing as one of the tenets of the Christian faith, in fact one of the 10 Commandments, is “thou shalt not commit adultery,” it seems safe to go out on a limb and say that maybe, just maybe, the “persecution” is less about Sam Rader’s life of God and more about his idiotic actions on the Internet.

Have you checked the Ashley Madison site yet? Who did you find?

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