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Feminist Tinder is the perfect response to the world’s misogynistic jerks

Have you encountered some real jerks on Tinder? Well, one women grew so tired of the horribly sexist comments she received from men on Tinder that she decided to dedicate an Instagram account to exposing them.

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The backlash Toronto woman Laura Nowak has faced is all because she proudly refers to herself as a feminist in her bio, Daily Mail reports.

Some men seemingly felt the need to send her offensive and just downright stupid messages, so Nowak decided to screenshot these messages and upload them to her Instagram account, feminist_tinder — which already has over 20,000 followers.

Below are some of the comments she’s received.
“I think you should smile more” — we think you should get lost.
Sorry, but how do you know what a feminist is meant to look like? Shaving your legs and wearing makeup doesn’t disqualify you. Moron.
Where is that unmatch button when you need it?
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Vegetables are so much better than candy anyway.
We never realized just how many detectives and geniuses there are on Tinder until right now.
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Because when is it OK to ask a stranger about their sexual history?
This Instagram account is pure gold, and if you have a few hours, you should definitely check it out. Plus, it’s about time someone exposed all misogynists hiding behind the comfort of their phone.

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