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Couple replicates traditional newborn photo shoots with pics of their puppy

Dear new parents: We know you love sharing pictures of your adorable offspring on social media, but for those of us who don’t have children, the excessive posting can sometimes be just a little too much. And that’s the reason one couple decided to do a photo shoot with their puppy.

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According to Daily Mail AustraliaAbby Lee and her boyfriend, Matt Kay, decided to replicate the photo shoots most parents have of their newborn. But instead of a baby, the star of these snaps is their beloved fluffy friend, a puppy named Humphrey.

The photos taken by Elisha Minnette Photography are precious, and we have to say, Humphrey — who is a cross between a Poodle and a Golden Retriever — makes a fantastic model.

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Speaking of her love for four-legged friends, Abby told the publication, “We love dogs so much, we used to offer free dog walking just so we could make some furry friends. Now we have one of our own.

“We didn’t think much into the photo shoot — it was something we wanted to do for a laugh and we knew it would be humorous for our friends and family,” she said. “It was more of a last minute thing we decided to do. It ended up being a great afternoon and we were in hysterics the entire time.”

“Humphrey is a part of our family and we absolutely adore him,” Matt added. “It’s hard to remember he isn’t a human sometimes. We treat him like our own little child.”

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Seriously, though, these pictures warm our hearts. Perhaps it’s time to go home and do a photo shoot with our own pets?

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