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Female surgeon brilliantly tackles discrimination in the workplace

Why is it that a male nurse is often mistaken for a doctor, but a female surgeon is assumed to be a nurse? Discrimination in the workplace is commonplace, but one female surgeon is challenging male stereotypes associated with her profession.

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Dr. Nikki Stamp is a cardiothoracic surgeon, the Daily Mail reports, and she has experienced gender assumptions firsthand. But Stamp is speaking out — and her voice is encouraging other women to do the same.

On her blog, she highlighted the way society mistreats professional women by describing three scenarios.

“Whilst waiting to talk to a patient on the phone ‘Hang on, the nurse is here to see me’ (after seeing them every day for a week and doing the surgery),” she wrote.

“From a male physician ‘Women should just work harder to make up the pay gap. And because they have time off for children.'”

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Stamp then described a third scenario: “From a colleague involved in conflict resolution, man (and recent) cases of women in distress due to discrimination in the workplace, resulting in illness or leaving the profession.”

Gender assumptions aside, women still tend to be a minority in many professions, making it hard for aspiring female professionals to find “someone to identify with”. And this is what spurred Stamp to support the social media campaign #ILookLikeASurgeon.

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Below are some of the tweets that are inspiring change and changing perceptions.

And even some men agree that this is a great movement.

Have you experienced discrimination or sexism is in your workplace? Let us know your thoughts on this campaign in the comments below.

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