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Music promoter claims Tinder is killing the live music scene

Tinder has been blamed for a lot of things: changing the way we date, creating a hookup culture and the death of romance in general. But is it destroying the live music scene, too?

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This is something that the owner of Melbourne venue Cherry Bar (whose name is James Young, according to NME) recently started a debate about. Taking to Facebook on Sunday, he wrote a lengthy message about a conversation he’d had with another promoter regarding “the fact that 2015 was a tough year”.

He then revealed the promoter’s theory: “Tinder has destroyed the live music and pub scene.”

“First, look at Grinder and the gay scene. Grindr came two years before Tinder. Commercial Road Prahran used to be a thriving late night gay hot spot. Now, it’s dead as a door nail. It’s over. Now we are seeing the same thing with Tinder [sic],” he continued. “This is how young people ‘pick up’ these days. I see them in the office. They’re on it all the time. They’re not going out to clubs and pubs to pick up anymore. They’re just picking up their phones. Tinder is killing off clubs and pubs all over Melbourne and Australia.”

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The promoter actually makes an interesting point. Have we become so reliant on technology that we now substitute real interactions with virtual ones? Are we forfeiting entertainment in the form of live music and socialising with peers so that we can swipe right for our next potential squeeze?

You might meet the perfect partner just walking down the street, but if your nose is constantly stuck in your phone, how will you know it? This promoter might be adding the destruction of the music scene to the growing list of things that the app is changing (and not for the better), but are you?

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Do you think Tinder has negatively affected the live music scene? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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