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These ‘feminist’ men are giving all men a bad name

As a woman, I appreciate when a man tries to understand women’s rights, but the #ThingsFeministMenHaveSaidToMe hashtag proves just how much men still have to learn.

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Have you ever been told by a man that he doesn’t believe in feminism because in his eyes both sexes are equal? Or perhaps he has some “brilliant” suggestions about how women can move forward… if only they did “this” or “that” differently? Right, well, Twitter has spoken, and women are using the hashtag to educate men on what feminism is not about.

Dear men everywhere, if you believe in feminism, then you should not be telling women what needs change.

Thinking you have done more for women’s rights than women or that you have all the solutions to every problem really just makes us want to roll our eyes — *rolls eyes* — sorry, we couldn’t resist.

Please stop.

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Sometimes men don’t even realize how terribly condescending they are being. Or that their “helpful” comments and suggestions are actually offensive.

Since when is feminism about male problems? Or what men feel?

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Men really don’t seem to understand the importance of the #freethenipple movement.

No, you do not understand feminism better than a woman. No matter how much you think you do.

Speaking about your own experiences or your view point is egotistical — and it’s not doing anything except massaging your ego.

Again. Really? Because feminism is all about what a man needs, right?

Yes sir, you’ve nailed it. Of course breastfeeding is all about the calories you can burn.

Thanks for trying, guys.

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