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Rapid Reads: 5 Big stories of the day

It’s Wednesday, but we’ll spare you the “hump day” jokes. Instead, have a bite-sized helping of the day’s trending news. Here are the top stories everyone will be talking about:

1. Cheaters lose big time

Ashley Madison — the of extramarital affairs — saw personal information for over 32 million users released to the public last night. The site was hacked a little over a month ago by a group that calls themselves “The Impact Team.” They told Ashley Madison creators to permanently shutter the site or they’d release email addresses, credit card information and other personal details of its users. The creators ignored the threats and the hackers acted, releasing the data to the Dark Web. Users apparently include government officials and other powerful people, so something tells us this is going to get very, very ugly. — New York Post

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2. Three cheers for the White House

The Obama Administration hired its first transgender staffer this week. Her name is Raffi Freedman-Gurspan and she’s a former policy adviser for the National Center for Transgender Equality. In her new role, she’ll serve as an outreach and recruitment director in the White House Office of Presidential Personnel. The move is significant not only because it signifies Obama’s commitment to supporting the LGBT community, but also because it gives the transgender community significant political representation that will ultimately better their lives. We wish her the best of luck in her new role! — CNN

3. Well, that was expensive

Target reached a $67 million settlement with Visa yesterday regarding a 2013 data breach that left credit users’ personal data exposed. During the holiday season almost two years ago, it came to light that hackers had been collecting and storing information on shoppers as they used their Target credit and debit cards for purchases. The settlement money will go to banks to recoup the costs of sending millions of customers new cards. Target is also reissuing cards with chip technology that is more difficult to hack, which should make us all feel slightly better about spending a third of our paychecks there. — Los Angeles Times

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4. This might make you lose your lunch

Former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle will likely plead guilty to possession of child pornography and accept a plea deal this afternoon, according to multiple news outlets in his home state of Indiana. Subway suspended its relationship with Fogle in July after the FBI raided his Zionsville home. The raid came a few months after an employee of Fogle’s charitable foundation was arrested on child pornography charges and allegedly found to have over 400 videos of child pornography in his possession. Subway claims it knew nothing about the allegations against Fogle and have pretty much erased every mention of him from their website and branding material. — Yahoo

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5. Something special for the ladies

Yesterday, the FDA approved Addyi, which is the first approved prescription drug to boost female libido. The FDA previously rejected Addyi twice over concerns about the drug’s side effects, which include lovely things like low blood pressure, fainting, nausea and dizziness, especially when paired with alcohol. The drug works by changing the balance of chemicals in the brain to increase arousal, and women who took it in clinical trials had — on average — one additional “satisfying sexual experience” per month. No word yet on whether the same results could be achieved with regular viewings of Magic Mike XXL. — The New York Times

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