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Chvrches’ Lauren Mayberry highlights online sexism and misogyny

Chvrches’ singer-songwriter Lauren Mayberry has been slut-shamed for the most absurd reason — because her hair was wet during the video for the band’s new track, “Leave A Trace.”

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Mayberry took to Twitter earlier this week to expose the misogynistic online abuse she has received on a 4chan thread, which all started because of her appearance in the video.

Some of the comments on the thread refer to Mayberry as a “slut” and a “hypocrite,” make crude sexual references and grossly objectify her.

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While many of the comments are too disgusting to post, two of the tamer remarks read: “I thought Lavren [sic] was pure, why did she agree to dress like a slut?” and “Feminists are always the biggest sluts.”

Mayberry’s fans have reacted in disgust and taken to Twitter to show their support for her.

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Unfortunately Mayberry is far from the only woman — or man — to have been objectified or spoken to like this. Sexism has become so commonplace in society that women are often just expected to accept it and move on but, by calling out those responsible, the “We Sink” hitmaker is bringing awareness to the issue.

Perhaps Mayberry put it best herself during a 2013 interview with The Guardian, when she discussed how she is unwilling to accept online misogyny.

“It seems almost too obvious to ask, ‘Would you condone this behaviour if it was directed at your mother/sister/daughter/wife/girlfriend?’ but maybe going back to basics is what the trolls or 4chan addicts need. To learn a little empathy. To have a little respect for other people. To think before they speak,” she told the publication.

See the video that sparked the backlash below.

Do you agree with Lauren Mayberry’s comments? Was she right to call out the trolls? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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