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4 Reasons to have a beachy bachelorette party in New York City

I absolutely love living in Manhattan; but when it came time to figure out a local bachelorette, I felt stuck. Since I’m having a destination wedding, I was set on it being close to home to eliminate additional expenses for my friends. I also figured that with all the city has to offer, there had to be something exciting and new for us to do.

So, when my bridesmaids asked what my ideal activity would be, I did some research and stumbled upon The Beach at Dream Downtown. I’ve done pool parties in Vegas and Miami, but never close to home. It was the perfect place for my bachelorette and generally a great place for a fun Manhattan summer weekend. Here is why:

1. It looks pretty awesome

There isn’t much nature in sight, but it’s NYC! The art surrounding the area is unique and the hotel design was the perfect backdrop for this little urban oasis.

2. There is real sand!

Ok, so a majority of The Beach is essentially a pool area, but there is a large sandy area near the main lounge section and along the cabanas. We were thrilled to dig our toes in the sand and still be in Manhattan. It’s the little things sometimes!

3. The cabanas are legit

The cabana that we had was spacious and came with 2 lounge chairs. Essentially more space than I have in my studio apt (sad, but true) and perfect for our group of 9. The food was also really good. I think everyone in my group ordered the avocado toast and loved it. My personal fave was the soft-shell crab sandwich with sweet potato fries. You really can’t go wrong with food choices, and it was nice to have both light and full meal options throughout the day. All of the drinks were great too, and the beach spritz was my number one.

4. The overall vibe is relaxed and laid back

Everyone really felt like they escaped Manhattan. There was a great DJ, but the party didn’t get too wild. By midday, we were in the bachelorette t-shirts that my friend made from CustomInk (thanks Limor!) and having a blast. We all plan to be back in the near future to enjoy one last weekend of Manhattan summer fun.

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