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How to transform your house into a smart home — one room at a time

Elli Bishop

You don’t have to hire a maid or personal assistant to get more done in a day. Automating your home is all it takes to find extra time and peace of mind. Smart devices that anticipate our needs and make life easier aren’t just wishful thinking.

Home automation has arrived and it makes our busy lives a little less stressful and a whole lot more efficient. Take a look at how home automation can transform your life and home — one room at a time.


Your bedroom becomes a true sanctuary when you add the luxury of home automation to your most private refuge.

Room-controlled streaming music is an easy place to start if you want to automate your home. Unwind to your favorite album or nod off to the sound of ocean waves even if you live miles from the sea.

We function best when our internal clock is in sync with the natural world. Rising with the sun is simple with blinds and drapes that open in response to those first golden rays — or close to keep your furniture safe from sun damage. And in-floor heaters make leaving the warmth of your bed a little easier with floors that are nice and toasty to welcome you into the day.

Automated light and temperature control let you create the perfect ambiance for relaxation before you even step foot in your bedroom. Smart thermostats can take note of your habits and preferences and automatically adjust the temperature in your home.

Living room

Spend time living in your living room with the benefits of home automation. You designed this room to be a place for laughing, sharing entertainment and relaxing, but we often spend more time cleaning and prepping for family time than we do enjoying it. Enter a new age of convenience by letting your home do some of the work.

It’s easy to add robotic technology like a Roomba or window washer and come home to a sparkling clean house every day.

Your clan will always be ready to hang out when you integrate devices like your television, smartphones, tablets, laptops and stereos. Send the whole gang a countdown to game night or let them know dinner is ready without having to yell or tromp through the house.

Your TV or stereo can also be integrated with your phone and security cameras, so you can see who’s calling or at the door before stepping away from or the movie of the week. Home automation keeps your family together and more secure — leaving you to make the most of precious time with loved ones.


This central gathering place is often the heart of the home, and home automation in the kitchen can keep the beat steady.

Use your smartphone to start dinner from your afternoon meeting. Wi-Fi controlled slow cookers and ovens help you get a healthy, hot meal on the table every night.

A smart refrigerator can help you with your grocery list by scanning your grocery receipts and keeping an inventory. It can even help you count calories and alert you when foods approach their sell-by date. Some ovens are even smart enough to read a recipe — all you have to do is send the instructions and your oven will preheat and monitor cooking to make sure every meal comes out perfectly.

In addition to offering you a hand in the kitchen, home automation also makes sure you’re energy efficient, which is good for the environment and your wallet. You can remotely turn appliances on and off or set a program for your house that monitors and reduces wasted energy consumption without you having to lift a finger.


Because most household accidents occur in the bathroom, use home automation to make your powder room safe and secure.

Slipping and falling is a top bathroom hazard, but moisture sensors can let you know when there’s a leak or pooling water. Moisture sensors can be used beyond the bathroom to keep an eye on basements and other areas with potential to gather moisture. Early warning can prevent accidents and structural problems like mold and water damage.

Make sure little ones don’t take a tumble in the middle of the night with motion-activated night lights. And they’ll never accidentally burn their hands when your home automatically regulates the water temperature.

Automatic faucets help avoid waste, and the right automation will even draw you a bath. You can pre-set the temperature and fill-line so that you’ll have a perfect, relaxing soak every time.


The wonders of home automation don’t stop when you step out the door. From remote garage control to enhanced security, automation leaves you in charge of your home even when you’re far away.

Truly relax on vacation by checking up on your home via your smartphone or tablet. See when the neighbor brings in the mail and make sure no critters are making a meal of your beloved vegetable garden. Strategically placed perimeter sensors will alert you when anyone enters or leaves your yard.

You’ll never have to hand out a spare key again, because automation lets you remotely lock and unlock the door as needed.

And when you get home, you won’t have to stumble in the dark with your suitcase because you turned on the exterior lights before leaving the airport. Motion-activated lights and cameras also make sure you arrive to a safe, secure home.


Keep your yard in tip-top shape for backyard barbecues and croquet matches with home automation.

When you incorporate your sprinkler system with other home automation, you can easily adjust the schedule as needed while you’re out of town and even get alerts about problems in the line.

If you have a pool or hot tub, you shouldn’t have to spend so much time maintaining them that you never have a minute to take a dip. Keep them pristine with an automated cleaner that’s more efficient (and more affordable) than a pool boy.

Sensors and cameras help you keep an eye on what’s happening even when you have to run back into the house. Make sure your backyard fun doesn’t turn into a tragedy with sensors that alert you if a child or animal gets too close to the edge of the pool or falls in.

Cameras help alert you to a potential security breach and also let you see how the kids are getting along. Automated fence, door and window sensors make sure your security never rests. Your family can work, play, and rest in peace because your home is on guard 24/7.

Home automation isn’t just the stuff of sci-fi and fantasy anymore. Make more time in your life for the things that matter with the comforts and convenience of smart home technology. To get a better feel for what home automation can do for you, take a tour of an automated home.

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