Charging more for bigger bras is just plain wrong

Any woman with large breasts knows the pain of shopping for bras. There are only two in our size. They look more industrial than sexy, and very often they pull and pinch and do all kinds of bad things to our bodies. Even so, they are a necessary evil. So to find out that Victoria’s Secret is charging more for bigger bras just feels like adding insult to injury.

An editor at Styleite recently discovered that Victoria’s Secret is charging about $4 more for bra sizes DD and larger. For bras that are already expensive, the $4 difference might seem small, but it’s just another way large-breasted women are made to feel gross and “other.”

The reasoning the company will likely give is that bigger sizes require more fabric. And while that is almost certainly true, we all know the parts and labor add only so much to the cost of a bra and that companies are making a killing on the difference. Even for a 32A. And really, few other companies change their pricing based on size, so what is Vicky up to?

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As a woman with a larger-than-normal chest, I feel this strongly. It is bad enough that we busty ladies have to suffer through the crappy drawer that is almost always full of lime green castoffs and the dubious remains of the sexier bras. But now we have to pay more for the honor? No thanks.

The truth is, ladies, if you are bigger than a C cup, the traditionally cute-bra stores may not be for you. Once you realize this, a whole world opens up. Specialty stores are more expensive, it’s true. But who doesn’t want a little pampering? Instead of feeling freakish in our curvy glory, we are made to feel pampered and special. We are fitted and treated like the women we are rather than the weirdos who didn’t manage to stop our mammary growth in time to qualify as average.

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I’d rather pay $100 for a high-quality bra from a place that embraces the bosom versus a place where I have to get my bras from the dusty back of the dingiest shelf. Pay more for higher quality? Maybe. Pay more when others pay less for the same product? No thanks.


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