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40 things exponentially worse than sitting near a baby on a plane

Babies on planes. Man, are we ever a world divided on this topic.

Some — like writer and mom of a 12-year-old Kelly Rose Bradford — think kids should be banned from flights. Others will tell you that’s a load of hooey. Looking to change attitudes, JetBlue recently went so far during a recent flight as to offer passengers 25 percent off a future ticket every time a baby cried — up to a full free flight.

While we can understand how sitting next to a screaming child on a flight — who, FYI, may be heading to a funeral or a wedding or another place that isn’t pure “selfish” pleasure on the parents’ part — let’s face it… we can all think of many other things and people in life that are far more annoying.

Struggling to come up with some? Here are 40 things that are much worse than sitting near a baby on a plane.

1. Throat cultures.

2. Coming back from the restroom when you’re out to dinner and not seeing your food waiting for you.

3. The air conditioning in your car breaking in August.

4. Flat tires.

5. Daylight saving ending.

6. Pouring yourself a cup of coffee and realizing you’re out of milk.

7. Splitting your pants.

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8. Finding a bug in your salad.

9. Finding out your DVR broke while you were away.

10. Retirement parties.

11. The dentist.

12. Common colds.

13. Accidentally texting your boss something you meant to text your friend.

14. ISIS.

15. Running out of gas on a highway.

16. Running out of Nutella.

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17. Realizing you have food stuck in your teeth after bumping into an old flame.

18. Low batteries in a smoke alarm — in the middle of the night.

19. Receiving a backhanded compliment.

20. Locking yourself out of your house.

21. Looking at people’s Instagram photos and wondering how they’re on vacation all the time. Seriously, are you the only person who ever stays home?!

22. Hangnails.

23. Seeing the swirling rainbow circle on your computer.

24. Hayfever.

25. Traffic.

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26. Getting stung by a bee.

27. Losing power.

28. Feeling left out.

29. Splinters.

30. That uncomfortable feeling you get when your doctor asks you, “How many drinks do you have per week?”

31. Having a runny nose, but no tissue.

32. Cyberbullying.

33. The sound of your alarm clock in the morning.

34. Pooping your pants.

35. Sitting next to someone who pooped their pants.

36. Or next to someone who’s drunk.

37. Or loquacious.

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38. Or smelly.

39. Or rude.

40. Being the parent of a baby who won’t stop crying on a plane.

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