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8 Flawless fall layering tips to perfect your look

Fall is almost here and as steamy temps slowly fade, layers are the best way to be prepared for fall’s unpredictable weather and rock some super-cute trends along the way.

But be warned: Layers gone wrong can leave you looking more hobo than boho. Just a few tweaks can be the difference. But not to worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a guide to layering fall’s freshest fashion that will have you strutting down the sidewalk instead of looking like you just might live there.

1. Menswear

Part preppy ’80s, part utility and always so fun to wear, layering fall’s menswear trend is tricky business. Here, menswear is layered, but impeccably tailored, which lets you add a jacket over a sweater without bulk. Also notice the light, feminine touches used to counter all the stark, heavy menswear lines, like the sparkly shoes and the light, flowy and hair, makeup and nails. If you love the menswear look, invest in a couple of staple items — like a great, crisp shirt or a beautiful overcoat — and splurge on getting the pieces perfectly tailored to your figure. And remember to balance any menswear-inspired looks with dainty, girly touches to lighten up the look.

2. Flannel shirt

Helloooo? Oh, it’s 1992 calling and it’s so excited to see the flannel shirt trend come back. But be careful! You can’t just throw on a flannel shirt and call it a day or you’ll look more like the Northwestern lumberjacks who first inspired the flannel shirt craze among the Seattle grunge set. Fashion-forward flannel is made for layering. Here, a slim-fit flannel is unbuttoned to keep an unflattering print from cutting off the eye and is then topped off with a cream cardi to keep the print from overwhelming the whole look. A master class in flannel layering for fall.

3. Kimono
Light, flowy kimonos in rich, beautiful colors are all the rage and are an effortless way to dress up your fall basics. Here, a black dress and biker boots are treated to a little fun, courtesy of a cute kimono. What makes this look work? The plain, substantial pieces worn underneath keep the look grounded and let the kimono really shine. Don’t pair fall’s kimono with anything too flimsy underneath or you’ll look like a crazy person who wondered out of her boudoir. Keep anything worn underneath simple or the whole thing will just look like a big mess.

4. Jewelry

There’s an art to layering lots of jewelry together and making it look hopelessly cool. Done wrong, you can look like a girl playing in her mom’s jewelry box. Check out this set of strands from Pam Jackman of Bloom Boutique. What keeps this set from looking like a mess? The similar colors and materials. Layer pieces in your own collection by color and texture and make sure to look for necklaces of varying lengths. Ditto for rings and bracelets. The trick to pulling off the look is making it look like a curated set, rather than just a bunch of stuff you threw on in a hurry.

5. Tights

Today’s tights are made to make a statement. And if you remember nothing else, remember this tried-and-true fall layering formula: Tunic + boots + tights = perfection. And don’t be afraid to go a little cray with your tights. Between the tunic and the boots, you can put just about any pattern on your legs and it will flatter. Promise.

6. Shorts
Give those trusty summer jean shorts one last hurrah this fall by layering tights underneath and a cardigan on top. But one tip: Since you’ll have lots of visible layers at the same time, keep the color palette basic — like this beauty does here with her black and white outfit that seems like something she just threw on but looks oh, so cool.

7. Color
Monochromatic layers are a great way to add drama and texture to your look without a lot of bulk. Check out this luscious winter white getup with loads of layers that still look light as air. Swoon.

8. Scarves
Scarves are the hardest-working pieces in the fashion business. Functional and beautiful, scarves should add an element of texture and interest to your outfit, rather than overwhelm it. Here, scarves help outfits easily transition from summer to fall and offer a low-commitment way to add trendy colors and patterns into your wardrobe.

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