12 Style secrets every fashionista should know

It’s not as hard as you think to be a fashionista. Follow these easy tips and you’ll be on-trend in an instant.

1. Buy a few blazers

Buy a few blazers

Nothing brings polish to an everyday outfit faster than a blazer. Pop one on over your T-shirt and skinny jeans and suddenly you’re ready for a day at the office or a night on the town.

2. Keep it balanced

Keep it balanced

The goal here is to show off your shape, not hide it away. If your top is long and flowy, your pants should be fitted. If your bottoms are wide or billowy, your shirt should be fitted and short or tucked in.

3. Stock up on skinnies

Stock up on skinnies

Pants come in many different cuts and it doesn’t hurt to have a few variables, but skinnies are something you should definitely invest in. Pair them with flowy shirts or lots of layers for a great balance and rock them with your choice of shoes — heels, flats, sandals and boots of all heights.

4. Learn to love layers

Learn to love layers

Not only is layering a great way to dress for any weather and add depth to your outfits, but it’s also an easy way to expand your wardrobe. You can rock your favorite summer tank tops and sleeveless blouses all year long if you pair them with a cardigan or blazer when the weather cools down. And that warm-weather dress might just work in the fall with tights and boots.

5. Bring on the belts

Bring on the belts

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Belts aren’t just used for holding up your pants, ladies! These days, they’re a powerful accessory. Give shape to an otherwise frumpy dress, blouse or sweater in seconds and add a pop of color right where you need it.

6. Fabulous accessories shine on their own

Fabulous accessories shine on their own

That fun bib necklace is a great statement piece, so let it do the talking. When you have a superstar accessory, keep your other extras to a minimum and stick with simple wardrobe choices.

7. A pop of color makes the outfit

A pop of color makes the outfit

Go ahead and choose low-key colors for your outfit, but make sure something on your body is at least a little bit bright. A belt, a purse, makeup, shoes or a bracelet — it really doesn’t matter what you pick. There’s no reason to be neutral from head to toe.

8. Monochromatic is OK, too

Monochromatic is OK, too

But then again, it’s OK to have pretty much no color to your outfit, too. Make it easy on yourself by avoiding matching altogether by wearing just one color from head to toe. You can still keep it interesting by mixing fabrics and textures.

9. You can play with patterns

You can play with patterns

This one is tough. You’ve been taught from a young age that a patterned top goes with solid bottoms and vice versa, but that rule is no longer valid. Feel free to mix it up for a bold look! Make sure the colors work together and start off simple by pairing a striped pattern with a floral.

10. There are a thousand ways to tie a scarf

There are a thousand ways to tie a scarf

And you should know at least a few. There is so much you can do with a scarf. Not only are there a million ways you can tie it around your neck, but you can wear it around your head, waist or shoulders, too. Invest in a few cute scarves and learn all the ways you can use them.

11. What’s under your outfit does count

Even the best outfit isn’t going to look great if you’re not wearing the right undergarments. There’s no need to pull out the Spanx every day, but make sure you’re wearing the right things under your clothes. Start with a good bra that puts the girls where they go and a pair of panties that’s not going to show through or give you lines. Consider wearing a fitted tank under tops to eliminate lumps and bumps and make sure you have a smooth look.

12. Don’t leave home without feeling great

Every fashionista knows you won’t look great if you don’t feel great. If it’s not comfortable, you’re going to be pulling, tugging and adjusting all day long. So attractive, right, ladies? And if you’re not sure the outfit is a home run, your lack of confidence will be obvious — and it will totally ruin your look. Put together an outfit you feel great in and, chances are, you’ll look great in it, too.

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