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9 Hard lessons every mom has learned about fashion

As a mom, you learn something new every single day — and fashion is no exception to that rule. Here are a few wardrobe hacks every mom picks up at some point or another.

1. Wait until you’re walking out the door to get dressed

Because it’s obviously a law of the universe that your baby will spit up on you five minutes before you leave. Mobile dressing means fewer last-minute wardrobe changes.

2. Magic Eraser isn’t just for walls

On the off-chance an errant marker in your toddler’s sweet, dimpled hands does come into contact with your sleek pantsuit, Magic Eraser works wonders in a pinch. (Spot test first, ladies.)

3. When in doubt, sniff it out

Moms do a lot of laundry. See also: Kids like to play in clean laundry. Sometimes sniffing is the only way to tell if your favorite blouse has gone through the spin cycle lately.

4. Stretchy makes so much sense

After kids, your organs shift around in such a way — shhhhh, we’re convinced that’s how it happens — that makes comfy, stretchy bottoms a requisite part of daily fashion decisions. And if you can find a pair that stretches in all the right places and looks fabulous with your curves, you’ve met your match. (Hello, Signature by Levi Strauss & Co.™ Simply Stretch Denim!)

5. “Try cleaning” can be more efficient than dry cleaning

Whereas you once defaulted to taking all of your slightly soiled garments to the dry cleaner, now you just “try cleaning” it yourself first. Because, time. By the way, club soda and salt knock out wine, er, juice stains.

6. Wrinkles are a part of life

Despite your best efforts, you’ll most likely leave the house wearing clothes that look ever so slightly wrinkled. This goes for your face, too.

7. But the dryer is an ally in the battle

Anything short of embracing that wrinkles are a part of parenting life is an exercise in futility. Still, tossing your outfit in the dryer for a few minutes is a quick and easy way to at least partially combat wrinkles. In your clothes, at least.

8. You have tiny arbiters of style all around you

Anna Wintour? Please. Scrutiny from Vogue‘s notoriously stern editor doesn’t have anything on the feedback your children dole out every day. Goodbye, floral blouse — you’ve been voted off the island.

9. You don’t always have to look put together

Before kids, leaving the house without being dressed to the nines seemed like a foreign concept. Now, you’re lucky if your shoes match. Still, it feels great when you do manage to pull polished off.

This post was brought to you by Signature by Levi Strauss & Co.™.

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