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Iggy Azalea’s boob job shouldn’t disqualify her as a body image role model

Iggy Azalea is the proud owner of a new pair of boobs, but does having plastic surgery automatically make her a bad role model for young girls?

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This is a question Sydney-based woman Kristy Chong believes has a clear-cut answer. She feels that the “Fancy” rapper should not be a Bonds underwear ambassador after having a boob job.

Chong, who has her own line of underwear, Modibodi, for “real” women, told Daily Mail Australia that Bonds and Azalea are sending a bad message.

“Iggy and Bonds just don’t get it, they are promoting the exact image of this so called ‘standard beauty’ that as a society we need to stop,” she explained. “It is spreading a message to young girls that if you don’t like your body, then get surgery, it’s absurd.”

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Azalea’s point of view is that body image is complicated and you don’t have to be “100 per cent natural” to think positively about your body. She also told that she thinks it’s okay to “modify and upgrade and change (yourself).”

But Chong has a different view. She thinks that Bonds having Azalea as its ambassador is irresponsible because “Bonds communicate with young girls, it’s not women in their 20s like Iggy — who some have financial means behind them — these are girls that are entering into puberty seeing this type of messaging.

“I just don’t think positive body imaging equals going under the knife — enough is enough and I think many other women and mothers would feel similarly,” she continued.

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Both sides of the argument make some very valid points, but as women we should have complete control over our bodies and decide what we do with them — and how we modify them — without fear of judgement. If Iggy Azalea got plastic surgery because it made her feel better about herself, then who are we to judge? It’s important that as women we empower and encourage one another.

Does plastic surgery disqualify someone as a role model? I don’t think so, but do you agree? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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