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Panda Mei Xiang may be pregnant, here’s what we want to name her cub

The National Zoo is still not sure if Giant Panda Mei Xiang is pregnant or experiencing a pseudopregnancy. No matter what, Mei Xiang’s hormones are rising, so even if she’s not pregnant, she deserves recognition for her contribution to the fight for giant panda survival. Besides, she’s already been pregnant four times with two surviving cubs. So, in honor of Mei Xiang, we collected a few powerful and inspiring names that would be perfect for a new cub.

Girl names

  • Etana: strength, dedication
  • Abiba: the beloved one
  • Engracia: graceful
  • Tullia: peaceful
  • Thamina: healthy
  • Hemera: day
  • Xiao Hong: morning rainbow
  • Xue Xue: the name of Mei Xiang’s mother — would be nice to name a cub after the grandma

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Boy names

  • Carwyn: fair love
  • Casimiro: peaceful (Spanish), bringer of peace (Polish)
  • Balint: strong and healthy
  • Umed: hope
  • Dewei: highly noble
  • Huang Fu: rich future
  • Anakin: because why not
  • Lin Nan: the name of Mei Xiang’s father, who has passed — naming is a great way to honor ancestors
Update: On August 23, 2015, Mei Xiang gave birth to two panda cubs, but as of August 27, only one has survived.

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