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5 Striking things about Nicole Kidman’s Vogue Australia cover shoot

Nicole Kidman received nasty backlash for her Vogue U.S. cover, with critics blasting the publication for heavily Photoshopping her. However, whether you liked the cover or not, you’ll probably agree that the Vogue Australia cover is a thousand times better.

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The Strangerland star graces the cover of the publication’s September 2015 issue, and we might even go so far as to say it’s one of her best shoots yet. Below are five reasons why we feel that way.

1. It’s natural and not overly edited

In stark contrast to her Vogue U.S. cover, Kidman looks relaxed (and not overly Photoshopped) in the Australian edition as she poses with natural-looking makeup and wavy hair. These factors add to the overall charm of the cover.

2. It takes her back to her homeland

The cover is stunning and the inside spread is just as magical. Shot by Will Davidson at Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, we love how Kidman got to come home for this shoot, making it more authentic.

While doing the shoot, Kidman was invited to participate in the sacred women’s ceremony of the Aboriginal women in Uluru. According to Vogue Australia, she told the Anangu women how she felt “very connected [to the land]. That’s why it’s very beautiful for me and for us [her daughters] to be invited here and for her to dance with your children, we feel very connected, so thank you.”

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3. The fashion is not out of place

Vogue Australia‘s fashion director, Christine Centenera, has done a fantastic job with styling this shoot, picking neutral tones in natural fibres for Kidman to wear. The clothes are the perfect balance between high fashion and outback chic, ensuring that she doesn’t look too out of place in the outback, and nothing about these looks feels forced.

4. It reminds us of the beginning of her career

The big, curly hair and the fresh-faced feel of these images take us back to the Days of Thunder days, when many of us were just beginning our love affair with Kidman.

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5. It celebrates the Anangu people

The shoot focuses on so much more than just fashion. According to PopSugar, the shoot marks the 30th anniversary of the Australian Government handing back the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park to its original owners, the Anangu people.

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