The Snoop Dogg parody song brings attention to tampon tax in a brilliant way

There’s a new Snoop parody rap in town and it’s called “Drop It Coz It’s Rot” — but there’s much more to it than just a hilarious video.

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Australian women are tired of paying tax for sanitary products because biology ensures that once a month they get their periods, and so they’re protesting this tax in the most brilliant way: with a rap.

The GST rap, created by Sydney-based actor Mia Lethbridge, protests the unfair tax, simply dubbed “tampon tax” after the government passed a law in 2000 deeming sanitary products as “non-essential” — which in turn resulted in a 10 per cent price hike, according to Mashable.

The protest against these taxes has been gaining traction in the last few months, though, and even Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s sister, Christine Forster, has picked sides, appearing in the video wearing a tracksuit and a cap.

Tampon tax parody even features Prime Minister Tony Abbott's sister

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The rap includes lyrics like “When they’re taxing our tampons/Drop it coz it’s rot,” “When you ride the crimson wave/Yo bleedin’ non stop” and “Uh! We the nice girls/We have monthly bleeds/See these tampons/See these pad things.”

Tampon tax parody sheds light on an important issue

 Snoop dog parody song brings attention to tampon tax in a brilliant way

The parody also incorporates hashtags like #stoptaxingmyperiod, demanding that the government changes its stance on the taxing of pads and tampons, which are health items.

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Tampon tax parody touches on a very important subject

A rap parody may seem like an unusual way to bring attention to political issues, but it’s certainly paid off. This video is quickly sweeping the Internet and raising some much-needed awareness.

Watch the video below.

Images: YouTube/Mia Lethbridge


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