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Iconic feminist moments available to watch online for first time

We may have a long way to go before we reach gender equality but sometimes it’s good to stop and look back at how much the feminist movement has already achieved.

It’s all down to the hard work and determination of certain women who have refused to take “no” for an answer — instead setting out to prove to the world that they can do amazing things and deserve the same rights as men.

For the first time we can all watch some of the iconic moments in the history of feminism. As part of the project One Million Minutes of History, from Associated Press and British Movietone, videos featuring landmark feminist moments will be uploaded to YouTube.

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Here are a few clips of feminists making history:

Amelia Earhart becomes first female pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic (1935)


Video credit: AOL UK

Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit appointed first female president of the U.N. (1953)


Video credit: AOL UK

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Female MPs take equal pay petition to Westminster (1954)


Video credit: AOL UK

Sislin Fay Allen becomes Britain’s first black policewoman (1968)


Video credit: AOL UK

Hannah Dadds is employed as Britain’s first female tube driver (1978)


Video credit: AOL UK

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