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50 Years of wedding hairstyles video blows our minds

If you are like many brides, you don’t think of the hairstyle you choose as being “trendy,” right? It’s just the one you like. But, in fact, weddings, like everything else, have “trends” and they come and go.

From the dress to the shoes to the flowers to your hair, much of what you pick and choose on your wedding day is part of what’s in style. This fascinating Buzzfeed video captures all those styles from 1960 until today.

See below:

It’s kind of amazing to look back and see the styles that peek out from our parent’s wedding albums (1970’s) and the ones that we did ourselves (2000’s), but I definitely eschewed the trend and my hair looked more akin to the current style when I got married in 2003 than the one they showed. But I saw a lot of people in that 2002 look. There’s no shame in that game!

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Like anything else, wedding trends come and go, but I wouldn’t be ashamed to wear any of the looks on this video. The 1980’s is the only look that looks truly dated.

Of course, my favorite is today. Flowers. Long, natural hair. Perfection.

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Which did you like best?

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