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Rapid Reads: 6 Big stories of the day

It’s the end of the week but that doesn’t mean the news is slowing down. Here are the top stories everyone will be talking about today:

1. Homeland insecurity

Yesterday U.S. officials made it public knowledge that the Pentagon got hacked and they think Russia is to blame. Apparently someone launched a “sophisticated cyber attack” against the email system used by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the entire system had to be taken offline for an investigation. It’s unclear if the attack was carried out by individuals or if it was sanctioned by the Russian government. Either way officials say they’re certain no confidential information was compromised. — CNBC

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2. Trumping the competition

The first GOP presidential debate took place last night in Ohio. Donald Trump stole the show, though it wasn’t for his great ideas or his solid plan for the first 100 days in office. It was mostly for making terribly racist, sexist and offensive comments and talking about how much he hates Rosie O’Donnell. According to CNN, the most Googled candidates post-debate were Ben Carson, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Prior to the main debate, a smaller debate took place among candidates who aren’t doing well enough in the polls to be invited onto the main stage. Media outlets seem to agree candidate Carly Fiorina owned that one, especially after she went off on a tirade about Hillary Clinton’s “lies.” — CNN

3. Breaking the stereotype

#ILookLikeAnEngineer is trending like crazy on social media this week. The hashtag was started by software engineer Isis Wagner after a recruiting ad featuring her photo was the subject of sexist backlash. Wagner took a photo of herself holding a sign that says, “I help build enterprise software. #ILookLikeAnEngineer” and posted it on social media. It immediately took off and now other women in tech are sharing their photos left and right. Wagner says she hopes the viral campaign raises awareness about sexism in tech and helps combat stereotypes of what a female engineer should look like. NPR

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4. It might be time to shut down and actually free Willy

Yesterday SeaWorld announced their profits are down 84 percent. They’ve been in hot water since the 2013 release of Blackfish, a documentary that claims SeaWorld’s poor treatment of Orcas shortens their lives and makes them violent. Despite several marketing campaigns aimed at changing public perception, SeaWorld remains a sinking ship. TIME

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5. She’ll be there for him

Jennifer Aniston has officially tied the knot. Everyone’s favorite “friend” married her favorite friend, actor Justin Theroux, in an uber-private ceremony at the couple’s Bel Air mansion. Courteney Cox was the maid of honor and the star-studded guest list included big names like Lisa Kudrow, Chelsea Handler, Emily Blunt, Jason Bateman, Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen Degeneres. Aniston and Theroux have been engaged for three years now, so the nuptials were a long time coming. The lovebirds are headed to Bora Bora for their honeymoon and we are totally jealous. People

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6. We’re going to need more body glitter

The Spice Girls reunion of your dreams is finally happening, but with one tiny little snag: Victoria Beckham won’t be there. The other four members are embarking on a “huge world tour” to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their first album’s release. Beckham is too busy running her global fashion band to strap on some platform heels and zigga-zig-ah, but she says she loved being a Spice Girl and wishes the other four ladies nothing but the best. — Daily Mail

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