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The #ImNotReallySelfishBut tweets are hilarious and totally relateable

The hashtag #ImNotReallySelfishBut has produced some really amazing tweets that are totally relatable. Are we selfish because we hog the duvet and more than half the bed? Or if we don’t want to give up our last slice of pizza? We don’t think so.

And neither does the rest of the internet.

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And apparently one of the touchy subjects when it comes to being selfish is sharing your food…

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Do you press the “close door” button in the lift as soon as you get in? We don’t blame you because no one wants to share a confined space with strangers…

This tweet takes us back to our school days when you were the one who had brand new pens and, by the end of the day, they were all lost because everyone wanted to borrow them.

Have you ever put an empty box back in the cupboard? Or left just a drop of juice in the carton?

Does this sound familiar?

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We can relate to so many of these tweets but now we don’t feel so guilty.

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