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Balloon released at dad’s grave returns to family’s home 25 miles away

Sandy Seibold and her 13-year-old daughter, Saige, found a beautiful way to mourn the loss of Johnny, a husband and father who lost his battle with pancreatic cancer just last year. Hoping to keep his memory alive, the two paid a visit to his grave in Cement, Oklahoma, over Father’s Day weekend, where they released a series of balloons and a note for the finder to contact them.

Thinking nothing of their actions, Sandy and Saige carried on with their day by running errands. It wasn’t until they reached their home, about 25 miles from the cemetery, that Saige discovered something caught in the fence.

The message they attached to the balloon.

Take a look:

Even if you don’t believe in the supernatural — or afterlife, for that matter — you have to admit this story is pretty amazing. Who would imagine a balloon released over the grave of a loved one finding its way back home? Discovering the handwritten note was not only a beautiful way to commemorate this family’s first Father’s Day without Johnny, but it also gave them the strength needed to say goodbye. “This has given us a lot of peace and good feelings about where he’s at,” Sandy told KFOR 4 News. “It felt like a message from him.”

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This is not the first time we’ve heard of people receiving signs from loved ones who passed. You might remember the expectant mom who saw her deceased grandmother in her baby’s ultrasound image or the dad who received a 26-year-old letter from his dead son. There’s even a touching story of a girl who sent a message on a balloon to her deceased father with an unexpected result that makes you question whether things are merely coincidence. Sometimes in life, there are unexplainable events that occur and bring much-needed peace to a situation. We can only imagine how occurrences like this can make it a little easier to grieve.

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Coping with the loss of a loved one can be hard for anyone to handle. While Saige is old enough to understand the concept of death, many parents are faced with speaking to their children about tragedy in a way they’re able to comprehend. The National Association of School Psychologists advises parents to speak with their children sooner than later about tragedy. You can explain general facts, but leave the door open for discussion, including any questions they might have.

Whether you choose to believe a loved one is sending you a sign or not, having a beautiful memory like this can help keep them alive in your heart.

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