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13 Instagram shots inspiring us to go out with our hair in curlers

Katie Price has been doing it for years. Now it seems the ladies of Liverpool are embracing the trend in their masses. Would you go out with your hair in curlers?

Most women like to prepare for a big night out in the comfort and privacy of their home or local beauty salon, only unveiling the final product to the world at large. But our Scouse sisters appear to be roaming the streets with — how scandalous — their hair in curlers.

According to MailOnline, the so-called “glamour capital of the U.K.” — the average Liverpool lass spends three times more on beauty and grooming than women in other parts of the country — is being taken over by young glamourpusses unashamedly rocking rollers and hair nets.

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If you’re tempted to step outdoors with your hair in curlers these fabulous Instagram pics might inspire you to go for it.

1. High fashion rollers

Courtesy: janetlouisemeyer/Instagram

2. Curlers with sass
Courtesy: sunandmoonchild13/Instagram

3. Never too young to curl
Courtesy: i.n.s.t.a.s.t.y.l.e/Instagram

4. Yes, it’s Kylie and Kendall
Courtesy: alyssagandolfo/Instagram

5. Curlers in hair, don’t care
Courtesy: blondecreature/Instagram

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6. Rolls and lashes
Courtesy: kimberli_cakes/Instagram

7. Like mother like daughter

Courtesy: artdefemmes/Instagram

8. On-the-go hair

Courtesy: shannonroscher/Instagram

9. Street style
Courtesy: intellectualangel/Instagram

10. Retro rollers

Courtesy: radhika_bhalla/Instagram

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11. Improvising

Courtesy: jess_mederos/Instagram

12. Not just for girls

Courtesy: jwhurter/Instagram

13. The inimitable Judith Bradley

Courtesy: judithmariabradley/Instagram

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