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Men try wearing bras with hilarious results (VIDEO)

Wearing a bra is one of the least exciting parts of being a woman. They are uncomfortable, rarely fit right, dig into our shoulders and need to be worn for hours each day to be effective. Men need to feel our pain. And now, thanks to BuzzFeed, they do. In a hilarious video, a number of men try wearing bras for a week and they discover just why we women wanted to burn them.

The video is below:


Funny, right? But also scarily accurate. Bras do dig into our shoulders and make us hotter and generally feel very uncomfortable. The men in this video conclude that bras are horrible and they feel for us ladies who wear them. “I get why women burned them,” one man says. Eloquent. Certainly accurate and needed commentary. On the other hand, bras, for some of us, are simply not optional. And when we start to talk about feminist choices and burning the bras and how awful they are, you leave out women who need them. Women like me.

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I am all for bra burning. In theory. Because let’s face it, certain women (myself included) simply can’t get away with no bra. And while I wish I could and there are so many cute backless dresses and skinny strap tanks I will never wear, I know my DDs will always need to be in a bra. And it’s not just because people notice when I go braless (though they would. Immediately). It is also because it’s simply uncomfortable to skip a bra. Oh yes. It’s worse than wearing one at all.

OK, so I hate underwire. But when I go braless, my breasts bounce so much, my nipples scrape against the fabric of my shirt. Can we say ouch? Additionally, gravity doesn’t feel good a whole day in. I breathe better with my bra on and something else taking on some of the weight. And while bras are hot, I am much hotter when I don’t wear one. Can we say boob sweat?

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So, sorry, I won’t be burning my bra any time soon. These men got a glimpse of the bra life. But not a very good one of the boob life. Because as a marathon runner with DD breasts, I couldn’t do half of what I love were it not for the invention of the bra.

All hail the miracle sports bra. I will never burn it.

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